New Mexico's Flag


The Daughters of the American Revolution pushed New Mexico to design a contemporary and unique flag in 1920. A contest to design the new state flag was won by Dr. Harry Mera of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mera was an archaeologist who was familiar with the Zia sun symbol found at Zia Pueblo on a 19th century pot. The symbol has sacred meaning to the Zia. Four is a sacred number which symbolizes the Circle of Life: four winds, four seasons, four directions, and four sacred obligations. The circle binds the four elements of four together. His winning design is the flag that the state uses today. The salutation, “I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico and the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures," was many years ago commonly recited in New Mexico public schools after the United States pledge of allegiance.

Lumbee Tribe Seeks Federal Recognition

screenshot_019The House is considering two bills today that will grant the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and six Virginia tribes hundreds of millions of tax dollars in housing, education, and health benefits. The name "Lumbee" is derived from the region near the Lumber River in Robeson County, North Carolina. In 1956, the United States Congress passed House Resolution 4656, know as the Lumbee Act, which recognized the Lumbee as American Indians but prohibited them from receiving federal services ordinarily provided to federally recognized tribes. The Lumbee is the only American Indian tribe caught in these circumstances and there has been lots of opposition from other tribes, especially the eastern branch of the Cherokee, who do not consider the Lumbee's genetic make-up pure enough for full Native American status. Obama's administration has pledged to support recognition of the Lumbee tribe, but has yet to pledge support for recognition of the Virginia tribes. (AP)MP3: Andy Griffith - North Carolina, My Home State

Sioux Calendar

screenshot_021January - The Moon Of Frost In The Tipisscreenshot_06February - The Moon Of The Dark Red Calvesscreenshot_10March - The Moon Of The Snowblindscreenshot_121April -The Moon Of The Red Grass Appearingscreenshot_43May - The Moon When Ponies Shedscreenshot_21June - The Moon Of Making Fatscreenshot_24July - The Moon Of Red Cherriesscreenshot_25August - The Moon When Cherries Turn Blackscreenshot_28September - The Moon When Calves Grow Hairscreenshot_32October - The Moon Of The Changing Seasonscreenshot_33November - The Moon Of Falling Leavesscreenshot_41December - The Moon Of Popping Trees************************************************************

Native American Church

TRUTH, LIKE THE AIR WE BREATHCOMES TO US COMPLIMENTS OF THE CREATORMAY IT ALWAYS BE SO *Ancient Spiritual tenets are to heal the body and spirit. Further, to teach impeccability, correct 'seeing', and power of Beingness. Peyote is not used to obtain 'visions' but to open portals to Reality. Always seeking centeredness within this existence. Peyote is the road back to the true Self. This should suffice in order to allow personal compreshension of this Sacrament *Wikipedia: Native American ChurchYoutube: Sacred PeyoteMP3: Gerald Primeaux - Two Harmonized Peyote Songs