The Monkey Wrench Gang: The Movie

Edward Abbey's eco-sabotage classic, The Monkey Wrench Gang, is coming to the silver screen. While the idea of an Abbey book becoming a movie is wonderful, I'm not so into the cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jack Nicholson, Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, and Elizabeth Shue.I assume that Goodman will play George Hayduke, a pissed off bearded ex-green beret who measures distances between two places by how many six packs he can drink while driving. Hayduke is out for the blood of those destroying his beloved desert and will for sure be the main character.My other guesses are Dreyfuss as Doc Sarvis (not horrible), Shue as Bonnie Abzug (Abzug is just 28 years old and her age plays an important role in her relationship with Abzug. Shue is 46) and McConaughey as Seldon Seen Smith. Whoever Jack Nicholson is, he'll fuck it up, guarantee it.The director? Catherine Hardwicke, of Twilight fame. Weiiiiiiiiird.Anyone know more than me?Look: The Monkey Wrench gang on