Everglades Back On UN Endangered List?

Needless to say, when the Bush Administration took the Everglades off the United Nations list of endangered sites, it was a controversial decision. Most critics chalked it up to Bush's complete disregard of all things environment while supporters argued that by originally being put on the list back in 1993, the Everglades achieved a restoration project and the UN's money should now be spent in other much poorer countries. Unfortunately the restoration hadn't been completed yet.Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and The Obama Administration announced today that they will move to put the Everglades back on the UN list of endangered sites. Salazar claims that Bush's decision was "without adequate consultations with the National Park Service, the state of Florida and other stakeholders."My only experience in the Everglades was two years ago when a friend (Tim, pictured above and the mastermind behind this site) and I paddled for three days around Cape Sable, but as most people that know me are well are of, that trip was one of the most extraordinary three days I ever spent on this Earth and easily one of the best life/camping experiences I've ever had. Go there. It's un-fucking-believably beautiful, scary, hot, and vast. And f-ed.(Via The Goat)MP3: Macon Ed and Tampa Joe - Mean Florida Blues