Crazy Creek HexaLite Original

hexalite-originalThere is rarely a situation that wouldn't be made better by a Crazy Creek. If God went camping, he'd for sure choose a Crazy Creek over the sawed off stump that he created with his own two hands a few years back. They're just that comfortable. I was obsessed with my Crazy Creek after I went to summer camp for the first time. I kept one in the trunk of my car until I was 22 when I lost the need for an automobile. But in the backcountry, the chair's awkward shape and size just don't work too well. It was always sad to have to leave it behind.Good news. Last year, Crazy Creek came out with the HexaLite Original, HexaLite LongBack, and the HexaLite PowerLounger, which weigh in at 14.8, 18.5, and 21.6 ounces respectively. They're the lightest chairs the company has ever made, using comfortable 1/2" Hexagonal-cored foam and a polyester mesh seating surface. Most importantly, they roll up so you can easily strap them to the outside of your pack when you get on the trail. Crazy Creek was nice enough to send Cold Splinters a HexaLite Original to test out and we highly recommend getting one. The chair is a little narrow and it's not as comfortable as "The Original," but sitting around the campfire in one of these after unrolling it from the straps of your bag is pure bliss. Sure, they're not necessary. You could save the weight. But it's summer now which means you're packing less and might not need a tent, so spend the $33 and make your ass and back happy.And if you don't trust me, The Gear Junkie put it on his 2008 Top 10 Gear Picks Under $30.MP3: Little Feat - Roll Um Easy