Big Agnes

pitchpine-zmsavery-zm1Steamboat, Colorado's Big Agnes was nice enough to send Cold Splinters one of their great sleeping bags to test out. More to come on these, but for now, read about their integrated bag and pad system:

Spend a night with Big Agnes and you'll look forward to sleeping in the backcountry. The Big Agnes System is different than the traditional sleeping bag on top of a sleeping pad. Instead, we unite the two.With Big Agnes, the pad slides into an integrated sleeve on the bottom of the bag, and the top two-thirds of the bag is insulated in the traditional style. When insulation material is compressed under your body, it loses most of its ability to insulate. We eliminate the unnecessary bottom insulation and replace it with a sleeve to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation. This design provides a secure foundation and keeps you on the pad all night.

Benefits of the system include: weight savings, reduced packed size, increased girth and comfort and the ability to roll and twist without rolling off your pad or waking to the feel of a zipper across your face. We make sleeping bags and matching pads in a variety of shapes and lengths, constructed from an assortment of fabrics and fills. Whether your plans call for lightweight backpacking, bike or motorcycle touring, car camping, mountaineering, hunting or just couch surfing, we have a bag for you. Sleeping in our system is similar to sleeping in your bed at home with a mattress under you for comfort and the covers on top for insulation. With our sleeping system you won't long for your own bed next time you sleep outside. We employ the Big Agnes System, the integrated pad sleeve, throughout our line of sleeping bags.