Super 8 Boy Scouts

"Boy Scout Troop 506 went to summer camp for a week on Catalina Island. This week was one of the highlights of 1977. We earned merit badges, swam, and jumped off a rock into the ocean. We took the Catalina Island ferry from San Pedro. Then hiked from Isthmus Cove north to the camp." Here"July 1976 Boy Scout Troop 506 (La Jolla California) week-long backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada. Hike originated in Mineral King, to Sawtooth Pass over the Great Western Divide, into the basin of Big Five Lakes, Little Five Lakes, and back west to Columbine Lake, returning to our starting point. The adult leaders are Paul Vellum and Mr. John Gilliland. I was age 12 when I shot this 11-1/2 minute Super 8 film." Here"I don't really remember this particular trip. But since I filmed it I must have been there. Each year during a holiday weekend in February, it has been and continues to be the tradition for Boy Scout Troop 506 (La Jolla, California) to canoe a 15 to 30 mile reach of the lower Colorado River. Some years the trip is Black Canyon-Lake Mohave. Other years it's Park Moabi-Topoc Gorge-Lake Havasu, and in the 1970s, it was usually Walter's Camp-Picacho-Fisher's Landing, a favorite of the late Sid Lubin, Scoutmaster of Troop 506 in the 1970s." HereMP3: Willie Nelson - Devil In A Sleeping BagMP3: Tom Petty - Anything That's Rock N Roll