Lewis: L’Amour


Light In The Attic does their thing again. This one is the toppermost. The story. The music. All of it. Go.

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The Astral Guides

astral guides

Our dear friend/cousin, Obi Kaufmann, he of Coyote and Thunder and Juniper Ridge, is releasing The Astral Guide cards today. If you have any sense of mind, you’ll go follow the links here and buy them:

The Astral Guides work with light to help with particular quandaries. Each card is assigned a star, or a constellation of stars, that when in season, benefit from moving between the Earth and the arm of the Milky Way it lives in. Begin by shuffling the deck well, concentrating on the dilemma. Always consult the deck with specific intention. Draw one, three or five cards depending on the depth and importance of the quandary at hand. Arrange the cards in order, laterally so the orienting symbols on both sides of the card line up. Count the numbers, consider how the orienting symbols align, recognize the seasonality of each card, move through the poetry. If the numbers add up to an even sum, if the orienting symbols don’t align, or if the season isn’t right, don’t pay too much attention to the reading: the door needs to be open correctly for the guides to grant clear divination.

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Tom Petty

Benmont Tench (second from the left, above) is obviously the coolest of Heartbreakers, playing organ not only behind Tom Petty but for a million other people as well. Last week he was on Marc Maron’s WTF, so listen to him talk shop on Petty, Johnny Cash and his new album. He’s fantastic.

And I suppose it’s fitting to mention that tonight is a full moon and he DID NOT play on Tom Petty’s solo album, Full Moon Fever, despite begging Petty to do so. He talks about it in the podcast.

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Audrey Grendahl Kuhn

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn II

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn III

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn IV

I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful Audrey Kendahl Kuhn in my house (1/150 of the Painted Desert) but can’t seem to find any more of her work from this area for sale on the internet. If you have leads, let me know. Or if you have one in your house, take a picture!


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Don Freedman

Don Freedman Don Freedman II

The wonderful world of Don Freedman wall hangings. Wowza.


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Just when you think California is perfect. I guess I’ll be needing to keep a few bottles of this in the back of my car now.

Tecnu and Poison Oak FAQs.

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Mother Earth.

If you ever see one of these books at your local thrift store, PICK IT UP.

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It’s getting warmer everyday. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

(OYO is brought to you by the same fellas who brought you Topo Designs.)

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Make Your Own Camping Equipment

Trust me. Get it. Even if you’ll never DIY. Here.

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Dylan’s Gospel


The always amazing Light In The Attic Records are rereleasing the Lou Adler produced Dylan’s Gospel, a 1969 record by The Brothers and Sisters, a choir of LA session singers.  That’s the short of it, but there’s a lot going on in this record. Read more about here and watch the Making Of Dylan’s Gospel here. And when you’re doing doing that, buy everything that LITA has ever put out. It’d be silly not to.



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