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Welcome Home

Sure, it’s been a few weeks since the guys behind Ramblers Bone (Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan) have returned safe and sound to New York City, but in case you have yet to mosey on over to the RB website, now’s as good a time as any. The guys spent 28 days driving 6,288 miles around the western part of these United of States. Mark that as Uncategorized.

MP3: Beach House – Myth

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Cold Splinters is off to Big Bend tomorrow, so please excuse the lack of posts these next couple of days. Hope everyone is well and talk soon.


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More photos and information about the J.W. Hulme x National Parks Foundation collaboration over at the Cold Splinters column on Outside, “From The Lean-To.”

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Upstate and Levi’s

My girlfriend, Kalen, and her/our neighbor/friend, Astrid, own a company called UPSTATE that makes all things shibori. It’s just about the most beautiful stuff you ever saw and I have the world’s best job of being able to look at it all day, whether it’s a raw silk scarf hanging from the tub, waiting to be dried so it can be sent to one of the 1,000 stores that carry Upstate, or the Upstate curtains (we have the only Upstate curtains around) that keep the sun from waking me up in the morning. One of these days, maybe we’ll make an Upstate/Cold Splinters tent or something. Or maybe we won’t.

A couple of months ago, Jay Carroll came over to our apartment in Brooklyn, NY and we drank whiskey and Pacificos while listening to Mirage on repeat with our friends. In between all that mayhem, he managed to film Kalen and Astrid doing what they do best, dyeing those beautiful textiles in our tub. I have watched this video a million times and I hope you do too.

Have yourself the best weekend, alright?

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Thank you to Wilderness Workshop, Oi Polloi, Hickorees Hard Goods and Woodlands Supply Co. for carrying Cold Splinters Campfire Shorts. Couldn’t have asked for better shops. You can still buy a pair here too.

Happy hiking this summer, friends.

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Cold Splinters
Campfire Shorts

Many years ago, while en route to a disastrous trip at Sand Dunes National Park, I was rummaging through the bins of a Colorado thrift store, looking for that special something. I found a handsome pair of hiking shorts, but after quickly trying them on, realized that they suffered from the same fate as most outdoor pants do: They were wide as can be and flared out to the point of no return. So, like any neurotic hiker, I bought them anyway, and a week later, upon returning home, I brought them to the tailor and had them taken in. But even after the sewing magic, the shorts were still flawed, and after a lot of time looking for the perfect pair, I told myself I should just make my own.

Over the past couple of months, I finally sat down and went through the rigorous sport of designing and manufacturing a pair of shorts that I believe will meet all of our hiking and camping needs. They’re MADE IN THE USA  out of a 65/35 poly/cotton blend and I hope you buy a pair and enjoy them as much as I do. Wear them all spring, summer, fall and winter. And if you have any questions, please email and ask.

So, without further ado, just in time for your Memorial Day camping trip, I introduce to you…


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Over the last two and three-quarter years, it seems as though I’ve posted a couple of old camping photos. This one, the handsome Nat Geo picture above, is post #1,000. The never ending online camping trip. Meeting all of the inspiring and creative people that come around these parts has been one hell of an experience. Y’all are a special bunch.

Melodramatic? Sure. It’s a blog. I know that. But I hope I’ll be able to write another 1,000 of these things. And if not? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing either.

See you out there, on the trail, down a river, on a ice wall in the White Mountains, or at a cantina in Bed-Stuy. Wherever it is, it’ll be good.

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Colorado Bound

I try to get back to Boulder (CU is my alma mater) as many times as I can each year, and I usually manage a trip in the winter and one in the summer. This year, I’m spending Thanksgiving there, so if any of you are going to be around those parts this week, hoot and holler.

I’ll see you again, real real soon. Enjoy the days off from work.

MP3: Melanie – Love To Lose Again

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Ocean in view! O! The joy!

While paying for a taco this weekend after a nice hike across Fire Island, I found a Lewis and Clark nickel at the bottom of my pocket. I can honestly say I had no idea that these existed, and while it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, it is a handsome coin. O, the joy.

Hope yours was mighty fine.

MP3: Loudon Wainwright III – Pretty Little Martha

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Have A Good Weekend

It  has been a long, long, long week. Tons more starting again next week. Have a great one and I’ll see you soon.

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