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Running around Angeles









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I moved to Los Angeles last March and I still believe it to be one of the best decisions my idiot brain has ever made. Sure, Los Angeles might not be at the top of everyone’s “I GOTTA LIVE THERE” list, but the beauty of the City of Angels is what’s right outside of it. The best part of the surrounding area is Angeles National Forest, a 700,000 acre playground just up the road from my little east side neighborhood. It’s a 25 minute drive to trails, campsites and pure wilderness. It’s just another 20 minutes to the Pacific Crest Trail, where hiking, camping and exercise is imperative. The open space outside of this city is amazing, drought or not. It’s open, it’s wilderness and it’s a perfect place to go after (or during) a long day at work. Grab your shoes, a friend, some clothes that wick away that hot southern California sweat and do your thing. Whatever it may be. That’s the beauty of it. (And don’t forget your necklaces.)

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Cactus Club

Cactus Club

Cactus Club 2

More prints from CACTUS CLUB are here.

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The Story of Place

Our good buddy and frequent collaborator, Sinuhe Xavier, made one hell of a movie about them Canyonlands. Watch it over and over again here.

“What is this place worth in oil? Where do we want to steer our civilization? What do we want left when we’re done? — Craig Childs, The Story of Place

Canyonlands National Park, and the lands that border it are part of a complex tale of political horse-trading, pressures for resource extraction and recreational opportunities. Above all, this land is the true Wild West, a rugged and vastly untouched landscape, a place where we can find our true human spirit.

The Story of Place is a short film that takes us deep into the unprotected territory of the Greater Canyonlands region alongside Craig Childs, Ace Kvale and Jim Enote, who narrate the story of this grand landscape, how it has shaped each and every one of us. This region of southeastern Utah is a veritable well of human spirit, an endless supply of recreation, solitude, wonder and history. This place and its story are irreplaceable. This land is worth protecting.

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mountainname_v5 copy

The Mountain Could Not Remember Your Name
Wilderness Poetry and Trail Paintings
by Obi Kaufmann
****CLICK HERE****

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High on the Wind Rivers


This 16mm film was shot and directed by Richard Catron in 1970 for NOLS, pure grainy gold.

“We are a group of mountaineering students. Over 35 days, these 4,000 square miles of wilderness will become our classroom.”

Great sunrise!


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MP3: Cocteau Twins – Rilkean Heart (Acoustic) (thx)

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Trail Days 2013

Trail Days

I missed this a few weeks back, but apparently 60 people were injured at this year’s Trail Days, an annual Appalachian Trail celebration held in Demascus, VA. An elderly woman drove her car into the crowd during the Hikers Parade. No one was killed, thankfully, but what a tragic way to start off the thru-hiking season. If anyone has more info about what happened or the status of those injured, we’d love to know.

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Have A Good Weekend

We’ve been on a quite an adventure out in the western parts of these United of States these last few weeks. It’s our last night in California before we fly home. Hope y’all have one hell of a weekend. See you soon, East Coast.

MP3: Andy Pratt – So Fine (It’s Frightening)

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Keeper Of The Mountains

Keeper of the Mountains:

In a post-World War II era during which few women lived and traveled independently, American journalist Elizabeth Hawley settled alone in Kathmandu, Nepal. There, despite having never climbed a mountain, Miss Hawley carved out a niche for herself as the foremost Himalayan mountaineering historian in the world.

Now 89, she has recorded more than 80,000 Himalayan expedition ascents, her reports are trusted by news organizations and publications around the globe, and she maintains the world’s largest and most treasured Himalayan mountaineering archive.

Keeper of the Mountains is a portrait of a woman who played an unlikely key role in the Golden Age of Himalayan mountaineering while living life on her own terms at the edge of the troposphere and defying the traditional gender roles of her day. It chronicles the challenges she currently faces as she tries to maintain the mountaineering archives and her independence while dealing with advancing age and a rapidly changing world.

Thanks James.

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The Outdoor Life Conservation Pledge:

Established in 1946 and then revised in 1993, the Outdoor Life Conservation Pledge was written to remind readers of Outdoor Life magazine and other sportsmen of the vigilance needed to preserve the natural world. The pledge has been taken by thousands of people including Harry S. Truman and Al Gore, and it runs on the letters page of every issue of Outdoor Life.

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