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Trail Mix Volume VI

Via Boston, MA and Portland, ME, this week’s Trail Mix comes from my personal King Of The Mixtape, Mr. Creepy Powers (aka Sean Turley). Sean and I’s relationship goes all the way back to our younger years when he was a promising Eagle Scout with a rattail. These days, he’s a gracious host and a wonderful tour guide whenever I’m hungry and traveling north and east of New York City. I’ve driven up the coast of Maine with Ali Farke Toure while Sean was living on the shores of Harpswell. He took me to my first Common Groundspaddled our canoe down the Delaware Water Gap while I drank copious amounts of warm Coors Light, and over the years, as he’s become bigger and I’ve become smaller, has proved a wonderful partner for a disgusting amount of thrift store shopping. And though Sean usually drives me bat-shit crazy, at the end of the day, after all the Nepalese lunches, late night music, and camping adventures, dude makes a damn good mix tape. And this one, Full Of Smoke, is among his best. Enjoy it and stay warm and dry this weekend.

Download: Trail Mix Volume VI: Full Of Smoke

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Trail Mix Volume V

This week’s Cold Splinters Trail Mix comes from our ax-making friends at Best Made Co. (Now you get the “Deep Cuts” title, yes?) For the past couple of weeks, they’ve been spending time at their treehouse hideout in Lumberland, NY. Cold Splinters was lucky enough to drive up in early November (Tom from Archival Clothing, whose Trail Mix is coming up next week, was along for the fun) for a big fire, bourbon balls, and copious amounts of spiked hot apple cider and mallow pumpkins. Needless to say, it’s a hell of a time up there.

Enjoy “Deep Cuts” while reading the Best Made Project’s Lumberland Diaries and have yourself a damn fine weekend. We’ll see you soon.

Download: Best Made Co. x Cold Splinters Trail Mix Volume V

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Trail Mix Volume IV

This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by the ladies of Upstate, one of Cold Splinters’ favorite brands in the history of brands. Kalen and Astrid have been dying raw silk with indigo for the last couple of years now (watch this video of them made by Levi’s), and it’s impossible for us to be in the same room without the conversation being steered towards a Cold Splinters x Upstate collaboration. Shibori hiking pants? Shibori tent? Raw silk sleeping bag? We’ll get there one day, but for now, download their mix while you’re putting your wool clothes into your pack, get into your 4WD wagon, and crank it.

Happy weekend. Hope it’s fun.

Download: Upstate x Cold Splinters Trail Mix Volume IV

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Trail Mix Volume 3

This week’s Trail Mix comes to you from the one and only Steve Casimiro, founder and editor of Adventure Journal, one of the best places on the entire interwebs to get your daily outdoor fix. (Before starting Adventure Journal in 2008, Steve spent 11 years at Powder Magazine, launched Bike Magazine as founding editor, and contributed to National Geographic Adventure for 11 years, most of those as West Coast Editor.) Steve and I have been emailing and hanging out at OR for the past few years now and he is one of the smartest, kindest, and hardest working dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I can never thank him enough for all the support and advice he’s given me during the time we’ve known each other.

And yes, the cover up there says summer, and yes, it is now November. Completely my fault on delaying these for so long. It’s been busy. But the music sounds just as good as the leaves are falling.

Download: Adventure Journal’s Trail Mix Vol. 3

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Trail Mix Volume 2

Thank you to Geoff Holstad, artist and contributor to Cold Splinters, for providing the self-described “eclectic” music on the second installment of the Trail Mix. His blog, So Sweaty, regularly makes me question my decision to leave the midwest. Lake Michigan never looked so good.

Enjoy the tunes and that wonderful album cover above (made by Geoff, of course) and have yourselves another great weekend.

Download: Trail Mix Volume 2 – So Sweaty

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I asked Walter Manning, the man behind of my favorite places on the internet, Old Chum, to be the the first of hopefully many to provide a mix for your weekend outdoor adventures. Walter, who is also the owner of Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, thankfully obliged, so start staring at that beautiful cover he provided, download the music, and play it loud en route to wherever it is you’ll be headed. More to come…

Download: Trail Mix Volume 1: Old Chum

Thanks, Walter.

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