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Trail Mix XVI

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Trail Mix up in these parts. The 16th (!) installment is from Fletcher Tucker, a friend in Big Sur, who amongst other things, runs a fabulous record label called Gnome Life and records under the name Bird By Snow. A little word from Fletcher about the music he chose:

Here we have a mind-expansion-mix, unfettered by any fence of genre, or aesthetic boundary either natural or manmade. It is a trail mix for the PCT or the spirit trail, equally good for the psychic hiker, or those who leave an actual boot-print. Feel free to explore these songs as you would a landscape. Some may prefer the sunnier peaks, while others the shady wood, while still others traverse the entire terrain (bright or shadowy) with wonder-filled senses. Consider this (and indeed all) music as you would nature. Creativity is, after all, a wilderness – parenially mysterious, essential uncharted, forever expanding.

Whether you’re out west in sunny California, in the middle of extreme midwest freeze, or under piles of snow out east, download this, stay warm and enjoy the weekend. Sure doesn’t feel like a weekend, but we’ll make do. Thanks for everything, Fletcher (and Noel).

Download: Gnome Life Present Trail Mix XVI: Wilderness of The Mind

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Trail Mix Vol. XV


There are few websites on the ol’ Internet that I check every time I’m at my computer. Aquarium Drunkard, the brainchild of one Justin Gage, is my first stop after emails have been read and coffee has been made. (I even included AD on a NYTimes list of the best “outdoorsy websites.”) My high point as a..ugh…”blogger” came when I was asked to make a mix and go record voice drops for the AD Sirius show at the Sirius offices in Midtown Manhattan. THAT was a trip.

I met Mr. Gage many moons ago while working at FADER, and after a few months of emailing and geeking out over Jerry Garcia-ish type this and thats, we finally got to meet in Austin, TX during an SxSW Aquarium Drunkard show at the Mohawk. We’ve been buddies ever since.

I’ve been away camping in upstate New York these past couple of days, so it was a wonderful feeling to come home on Monday night to INDIAN SUMMER: A MIXTAPE in my Inbox. Justin describes it as “40 minutes as the summer burns off into fall. Play it at night with the windows down….” Out east, I like to say the camping season starts AFTER Labor Day, so this could not be better timing. We are honored, Justin. Truly honored. Thank you.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Trail Mix Vol. XIV

This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by Ben Ferencz of the Montana-based FairEnds. It’s been a real time watching Ben and Martin’s company grow over the last few years. And it’s easy to see : I’ve spotted their Camp Caps in just about every city I’ve visited in 2012. Even in the middle of nowhere Southwest Texas.

Ben is just about as sweet as they come and he’s always good for a random afternoon email with a link to something Grateful Dead-ish. Thanks, Ben.

Download: FairEnds For Cold Splinters – Trail Mix Volume XIV

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Trail Mix Volume XIII

Yes, Trail Mixes usually come on Fridays, but the schedule is a little off around here/there/everywhere these days, so we’re giving it to you today, Monday. Volume XIII comes from Coyote and Thunder, aka Obi Kaufmann, a guy who has taken on a laundry list of roles in Cold Splinters land over these past couple of months; friend, gracious host, camp counselor, artist-in-residence, cousin, drinking buddy, tour guide, botanist and many many more. Obi, artist and former art critic at the East Bay Express, is now curating a show in Oakland called World Saving Device, so if you’re around this Friday night, get your ass over the Bay Bridge.

It’s a soft one, perfect for the drive home as the sun starts going down. Enjoy it. See you on the PCT.

Download: Trail Mix Volume XIII

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Trail Mix Volume XII

Anton Krupicka. Ultra-Runner, two time winner of the Leadville 100, fellow CU graduate and keeper of all things Riding The Wind. There’s a whole laundry list of other accomplishments, but for now, he can add another feather to that cap by joining the wonderful folks who have contributed to the Cold Splinters Trail Mix series. Small feather.

So yes, this week’s music comes from Mr. Krupicka out in Colorado, home to Mt. Elbert, whose summit view is featured in the image above. Download the mix and then watch this short video of Anton made by New Balance. Tracklist is after the jump.

Download: Trail Mix Volume XII

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Trail Mix XI

A few years ago, I was sitting at the counter of Eisenberg’s in New York City, waiting to meet a guy from Portland, ME who I had emailed with a few times after starting this rag. Jay walked in wearing striped overalls and a big smile, ordered a corned beef sandwich and told me about some project he had worked on where he drove around the desert picking up vintage clothes. If I remember correctly, I think he was in town that day to meet some folks from this little no name denim company…

Many moons later, after a few beers here and there, countless “HOLY SHIT, CHECK THIS OUT” emails and a fun afternoon spent making a video in my old apartment, Jay texted me while I walking down W San Antonio in Marfa, Texas. I’d only been in that middle of nowhere town an hour when he mentioned he was about to take a tour of Donald Judd’s house, located just a few short blocks from where I was standing. So I walked on over to meet him, took the tour and spent the first evening of a month long stay in Marfa at a party that Jay had organized, filling my belly with Shiner and making a few new friends with 10 gallon hats. The perfect start to a perfect couple of weeks.

Jay, he of One Trip Pass, is a good friend, a hell of a guy and the creator of one fucking awesome (yep, those are the words I’m picking) Trail Mix. Y’all can play it this weekend on your way to wherever it is you’re going, but I’ll be saving it for a Labor Day excursion with Jay and the Juniper Ridge gang.

See you guys in Yosemite.

 Download: CS Trail Mix XI – One Trip Pass Keeps It On The Road

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Trail Mix X

Perhaps not surprisingly, this week’s Trail Mix comes from Allie, Obi and Hall of Juniper Ridge. Couldn’t not end the week of JR camping posts with a mix, right? Especially since so much of that trip was geeking out on music. Kyuss and 20/20? Yessss.

The sun is a shining out east this weekend, so if you’re in these parts, have a great time, be happy and enjoy yourself some “Poppy Fields.” (Get it? POPPY?)

Download: Trail Mix Volume X – Poppy Fields

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This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by yours truly. The first one we’ve done ourselves here at CS. If you’re going somewhere quiet this weekend, then this’ll probably be your huckleberry. I hope.

Take it easy and enjoy it.

Download: Cold Splinters Trail Mix Volume IX

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Trail Mix Volume VIII

This week’s Trail Mix comes from Tom of Eugene, OR’s Archival Clothing, a guy who I met about a year ago at a diner in the neighborhood we both – for the time being – call home. We’ve been to many more since, before and after countless days of hiking, thrifting, and being pissed on by hobos in Appalachian Trail shelters. The usual stuff….

Archival Clothingis a hell of a brand (and Tom a hell of a guy) and I always look forward to hearing what they have in the works. It’s all very exciting, believe you me. (UPSTATE x ARCHIVAL CLOTHING!!!!!)

Thanks for all the damn good times this last year, Tom. And more importantly, thanks for teaching me how to sew.

Download: Trail Mix Volume VIII: AC x CS

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Trail Mix Volume VII

The Outlier guys dream up a whole mess of wonderful things in their Brooklyn, NY headquarters. From the world’s best hiking pants (sure, they’re meant for biking) to their Hyperlite collaboration, I’m always excited to open their emails and find out about their newest creation. Their knowledge of fabric and garment design is more than vast, and they’ve been nice enough to teach me a great deal these last few months, always over a few beers and a good dinner.  If you’re not hip to what Abe, Tyler, Roy and their team are doing, get on it. It’s well worth your time. And if you do end up with something from Outlier in your closet, beware: You’ll probably wear it everyday for weeks. Maybe months.

A little bit of background for this week’s Trail Mix from Abe:

“Conceptually I envisioned it as all as a one walk down the hudson along side the Amtrak tracks from Yonkers then across the frenzy of midtown and city life. It roughly splits into a river side and city side.”

Download: Ventures In A Slipstream

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