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Go Watch DamNation

Patagonia DamNation GO GO GO.
On Thursday, June 5Patagonia will present free screenings of the award-winning, feature length documentary DamNation, in 23 cities nationwide. DamNation is a film odyssey across America that explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers. Across the country, screenings will be hosted in Patagonia retail stores in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Cardiff, Chicago LP, Denver, Freeport, ME, Georgetown, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Portland, OR, Reno, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Seattle, New York City, St. Paul, Ventura, Washington, D.C. and Westport. For a full list of nationwide retail, festival and community screenings, click HERE. Screenings in retail locations are free and open to the public.
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DamNation Poster Katie Lee DamNation I had the extreme pleasure of watching DamNation last night at the Patagonia offices in Ventura, CA. (The film was introduced by Yvon, an added bonus.) It officially premieres at SxSW next week, so if you're down in Austin, rush on over to see it. Above is a photo of Katie Lee, one of the best parts about the film.
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How Chris McCandless Died

Chris McCandless This New Yorker article is a few weeks old now, but if you haven't read it, it's well worth your time. Krakauer dives in and investigates how Chris McCandless, the subject of Into The Wild, really might have died. Another footnote in an already amazing story:


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Cicadas As many of you already know, the cicadas are coming. In a major way. Not sure yet what that means for camping, but it's gotta mean something, right? At very least, we'll appreciate all the snoring thru-hikers that we've shared AT shelters with throughout the years. That sound will be nothing compared to these bugs. Time to invest in a real pair of earplugs... MP3: Pearl Jam - Bugs
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R.I.P. Jason Molina

Jason Molina Such a sad way to start the week. According to Pitchfork:
Molina died on Saturday, March 16 from organ failure due to alcohol consumption, according to Chunklet. His last release was 2012's Autumn Bird Songs. Molina's problems with alcohol were brought to public awareness in late 2011, when the Molina family posted a plea for contributions to Jason's medical fund on the Magnolia Electric Co. website. They wrote that over the last two years, he had been in and out of rehab. He did not have medical insurance, and had been in convalescence working on a farm in West Virginia.
I can't tell you much we loved Jason's music around these parts. He has always been and will always be one of our favorites. There are few albums that mean as much to Cold Splinters as Magnolia Electric Co. MP3: Songs: Ohia - Whip-Poor-Will (Demo)
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Stolen Maple Syrup

On October 5th, Canadian police seized 600 barrels of Canadian Maple Syrup in a Quebec factory. Last month, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers recorded a huge quantity of missing maple syrup after a routine inventory. It's a bizarre story that you can read more about over at HuffPo. MP3: Allen Toussaint - Sweet Touch Of Love
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Topamax For Sale

by Bryce Cowell Topamax For Sale, Dams serve three primary purposes that are vital to us humans: water supply, agricultural irrigation, and electricity. Topamax price, However, not all dams are created equal, order Topamax from United States pharmacy. Taking Topamax, Some no longer serve their original purpose and their environmental impacts are well-documented. So do we really need all of these dams, order Topamax online c.o.d. Real brand Topamax online, And which ones are appropriate for Hayduke, Seldom, Topamax class, Online buy Topamax without a prescription, Doc and Abbzug to take out.

The Patagonia-sponsored documentary film DamNation attempts to answer these questions from both sides of the debate, Topamax For Sale. Slated to be released in early 2013, Topamax use, Topamax over the counter, this film is the cornerstone of a campaign to restore US waterways to their former untamed glory while taking into consideration the socioeconomic consequences.

Each dam in this country needs to be objectively analyzed on a case-by-case basis to determine if removal is beneficial to the majority, Topamax coupon. Topamax australia, uk, us, usa, And of course, there are potent political and financial goliaths that are going to try to prevent that from happening, kjøpe Topamax på nett, köpa Topamax online, Generic Topamax, even if the costs outweigh the benefits.

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When John Davis was finished with his TrekEast Buy Bactroban Without Prescription, journey - which took him 7600 miles from Florida to Canada - he put together a list of 16 key habitats on the East Coast that we need to protect (and the organizations working to protect them). They're not in order of importance, about Bactroban, Buy generic Bactroban, but #1 on the list is South Florida's Caloosahatchee Crossing:

The last remaining stronghold of the panther (puma, cougar, Bactroban class, Online buying Bactroban, mountain lion …) in the East is in South Florida. Dredging of the Caloosahatchee River and development along its banks, together with high road density, purchase Bactroban for sale, Is Bactroban safe, is blocking panthers from recolonizing habitat north of the Everglades. A safe wildlife crossing of the Caloosahatchee is urgently needed, along with creation of a large Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and provision of wildlife crossings on major roads, buy Bactroban no prescription, Order Bactroban online c.o.d, including Interstate 4, which bisects the state from Tampa to Daytona and poses another major obstacle to south-north movement of wildlife.

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