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Grateful Dead Fan Art

Thank you to our friends at SF’s Gravel and Gold for emailing us a link to the Grateful Dead Archive’s Fan Art. There are endless things to click through, so go get lost for a couple of hours.

(And if you like The Dead and Dogfish Head, then head here and pick the final ingredient to their collaborative beer, American Beauty.)

MP3: Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet

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Photos From The Road

Cold Splinters wrote a few times about Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan’s Ramblers Bone, the Wolverine-sponsored road trip the two guys took this last spring. Mikael was even generous enough to give us a few exclusive photos to post.

In any case, the final culmination of the whole thing will take place TONIGHT, November 29th, down in SoHo, so come on out and enjoy yourself. And despite the fact that Mikael’s best photos are of me, it’s a hell of a show (I know, I helped put it up yesterday), so maybe I’ll see you there….

MP3: Elvis Presley – True Love Travels on A Gravel Road

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Seth Neilson is back with the second installment of his Alphabet Series, the first of which I see everyday on the wall adjacent to my front door. One hundred of the 18 x 24 Backpacker’s Alphabet posters were made and they’ll ship right after Turkey Day, so have at it.

Enjoy yourselves out there this weekend.

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Fall Blues

This Kenneth Noland painting, Fall Blues, has been on my mind these last few weeks. After a cold night under the stars, I wouldn’t mind the sun coming up looking like this or this or this. Probably won’t happen though…

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Mikael Kennedy in NZ

While Cold Splinters jetted off to California for six weeks this last month, our partner-in-crime, photographer Mikael Kennedy, was out at the edge of the world in New Zealand taking photographs for Burton. Until Labor Day-ish, we hadn’t seen Mikael for some time, so it’s exciting to be able to share some of his photos from his time down under. For your viewing pleasure and ours. From the man himself:

I tattooed a world map on my wrist last year, right before I headed out to cross the United States for for an adventure called Ramblers Bone. I told myself after that run that I was gonna start looking beyond our borders for my next adventure. I was ready for something new.

Later that spring, Burton Snowboards called and asked if I’d like to travel to New Zealand with them to photograph their team and winter collection for 2014. I stopped and stared at my tattoo for second in disbelief, and next thing I know, I’m strapped in, shooting out the open door of a white Eurovan called ‘the pale horse’ as we tore down the switchbacks through the mountain chasing the light. New Zealand is another world, this is just a glimpse.

Much more after the jump…

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As I mentioned before, the current issue of Garden and Gun features a story about Big Bend National Park, written by me and photographed by Mikael Kennedy. And since it was impossible to squeeze in all of Mikael’s photos into a five page spread, we’ve decided to post a few more here on Cold Splinters. Enjoy the expanded edition of the story after the jump…

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Ecstatic Camouflage

The first time we mentioned Daniel Chamberlin here on Cold Splinters, we were referring to “Uncle Skullfucker’s Band,” an article he wrote as an editor at Arthur Magazine. Chamberlin, who now resides in Southwest Texas, is also the creator of the art above, which he calls “Ecstastic Camouflage,” and describes as “explicitly psychedelic post-landscape photography.” Many of the photographs in the series were taken near his home in the Chisos Basin and Davis Mountains. (The photograph on the top is a close up of cactus from Terlingua, TX and sits proudly above my couch as you enter my apartment.) A little bit more from the artist on EC:

“It is a post-landscape photography that explodes anthropocentric notions of perspective by way of repetition and rotation, an organic visual drone. It is an attempt at revealing my communion with the so-called “plant mind” of shamanistic lore.”

Chamberlin is also the host of Inter-Dimensional Music, a fantastic show on Marfa Public Radio that you can listen to every Sunday night. I highly highly recommend it.

MP3: Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son

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I don’t know why it’s taken so long to post these photos, but last summer I found my way up to southern Maine to visit one of my favorite artists in the history of artists, Peter Parnall. He showed us around his house, talked our heads off about working with Byrd Baylor and told us a few stories about the little people that live in the woods behind his house. More to come, but for now, check out the photos (taken by Kalen) after the jump.

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Cabin Time II

The video above doesn’t make this project look like much fun, huh? Read more about Cabin Time here.

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Adventure #013.

You win, Benji.

MP3: ABBA – The Visitors (Cracking Up)

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