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The Astral Guides

astral guides

Our dear friend/cousin, Obi Kaufmann, he of Coyote and Thunder and Juniper Ridge, is releasing The Astral Guide cards today. If you have any sense of mind, you’ll go follow the links here and buy them:

The Astral Guides work with light to help with particular quandaries. Each card is assigned a star, or a constellation of stars, that when in season, benefit from moving between the Earth and the arm of the Milky Way it lives in. Begin by shuffling the deck well, concentrating on the dilemma. Always consult the deck with specific intention. Draw one, three or five cards depending on the depth and importance of the quandary at hand. Arrange the cards in order, laterally so the orienting symbols on both sides of the card line up. Count the numbers, consider how the orienting symbols align, recognize the seasonality of each card, move through the poetry. If the numbers add up to an even sum, if the orienting symbols don’t align, or if the season isn’t right, don’t pay too much attention to the reading: the door needs to be open correctly for the guides to grant clear divination.

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Audrey Grendahl Kuhn

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn II

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn III

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn IV

I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful Audrey Kendahl Kuhn in my house (1/150 of the Painted Desert) but can’t seem to find any more of her work from this area for sale on the internet. If you have leads, let me know. Or if you have one in your house, take a picture!


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Don Freedman

Don Freedman Don Freedman II

The wonderful world of Don Freedman wall hangings. Wowza.


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Mikael Kennedy California II

Mikael Kennedy California

People, have you bought Mikael Kennedy’s new book, California? If you haven’t, do it now. Because if there’s anyone to listen to in this situation, it’s yours truly. I was sitting right next to this amazing feller the entire time he was shooting. And yes, it was as magical in real life as it looks printed on paper.


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Skier’s Alphabet

Skier's Alphabet

Another great one from Mr. Wasa Industries.


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Mikael Kennedy + Hobo King

Mikael Kennedy Hobo King

There have been no shortage of Mikael Kennedy posts in these parts over the last few years, so you by now that Mikael and I travel here and there together, working and not working, hiking and relaxing, eating and drinking, talking and scheming. While only a few of the polaroids in Mikael’s new book, Hobo King, are accounts of those trips, it’s just as near and dear to us and we couldn’t be happier that it’s finally out. Go over to Mikael’s website, order a copy and keep it close:

I saw him once. I was tearing down that 101,
alone, as the rain pounded the road.
banks of fog crashing against the coast.
could’ve been anywhere between Crescent City and Halfmoon Bay.
he stood on the guard rail, shrouded by the water on my windshield, spread his arms wide, seeming to grow taller than the trees,
the wind driving against the dark wings of his poncho, silently
he stood there not moving, not putting his thumb out,
he wasn’t looking for a ride, he was saying keep going.

“somewhere out there’s the hobo king,
banging on the rail with a ring.”

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How and Why


Thanks to our friend Hanly Banks (who shot and directed this amazing documentary of Bill Callahan) for sending this image over last night. It comes from an edition of them ol’ How and Why Wonder Books, one of our favorite things to find while going through the books at a local thrift store.

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Coyote and Thunder




As long as we’re on the Juniper Ridge kick this week, let’s talk about one of my favorite parts of the JR experience, Mr. Obi Kaufmann. When Obi’s not picking plants and boiling up sweet scents on the trail, you’ll find him sitting on a rock, sketchbook out, face to the Sierra sky. He runs one of my favorite blogs around, Coyote and Thunder, and is responsible for the best thing I’ve got in my apartment. Obi is just about the sweetest human you’ll ever meet and his art/poetry, which looks like something John Muir would have done if he had owned a few Kyuss records, is, well, downright bee-yoo-ti-ful. He’s now selling a book of those trail meditations, so if you’ve got 10 bucks – and I know you do – spend it on a copy of “Coyote and Thunder.” Trust me, just do it. Go. Now.


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Fire LookOut Project

Firetower 2

Firetower 3

Firetower 1

Great set of photos from Filson Life:

Kyle Johnson is a 29 year old editorial and commercial photographer hailing from the Pacific Northwest. He strives to create images that are intriguing and classically executed. Kyle’s aesthetic pairs textured natural settings with a distinct photographic perspective. This project is an exploration of the 92 lookout towers that remain standing in Washington State. Shot entirely with medium format film, Kyle has set out to capture the experience of hiking to these lingering giants, as well as documenting the scenic views and people he meets along the way.

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 MP3: Miguel – Do You…

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