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Thirty Days to Survival

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“In the Summer of 1969, Michael Wadleigh, Charles Grosbeck and Fred Underhill filmed an entire 30-day NOLS wilderness expedition in Wyoming’s Wind River Range. The film Thirty Days to Survival, featuring NOLS founder Paul Petzoldt and other early instructors, aired nationally on the Alcoa Hour, on January 20, 1970. Due largely to the film’s success and visibility, NOLS’ enrollment more than doubled in the summer of 1970 and tripled again in 1971.”


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A Prophet for All Seasons


“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.”

Watch it.

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The Practice Of The Wild

Gary SnyderGary Snyder


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Smoke and Weather

Smoke and Weather

“They say a man is still the best radar to spot a forest fire.” Watch it.

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Lonely Are The Brave

Lonely Are The Brave Brave Cowboy

Ed Abbey is a real hero in these parts and though we prefer the Desert Solitaires and Abbey’s Road, his fiction works are just as good. The Brave Cowboy, published in 1956, is one of Cactus Ed’s best. Get your hand on a copy.

This book is the story of a cowboy (Jack Burns), who lives as a transient worker and roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of old did, and refuses to join modern society. He rejects much of modern technology, prefers to cut down any fence he comes across, will not carry any kind of modern identification such as a driver’s license orSocial Security card, and refuses to register for the draft. When his friend Paul Bondi, who is a philosophical anarchist, is jailed for refusing to register for the draft, Burns deliberately gets himself arrested in an attempt tobreak his friend out of jail, but winds up on the run from the law himself.

The book was turned into a movie called “The Brave Cowboy” that starred Kirk Douglas, who called it his personal favorite movie. It’s a hell of a film and you can watch it in full WATCH IT IN FULL HERE. Perfect for a lazy summer night.

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Hailu Mergia

Hailu Mergia

Sure, this has NOTHING to do with the outdoors, but that’s okay, right? One of our favorite places on the ol’ internets, Awesome Tapes from Africa, is putting out a remastered version of Hailu Mergia and His Classic Instrument in late June. Stoked to hear the rest.

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Memorial Day

Maine Sandy Nassan

Cold Splinters spent the long weekend on a familiar stretch of the Maine coast, wet and cold from the rain that didn’t seem to let up for more than a minute. Despite the unfortunate weather, we had a hell of a time seeing some friends and drinking Oxbow in a small shack in the woods of Newcastle.

Along the way was a lot of Sandy Nassan, a damn fine soundtrack to a lot of gray skies. Thank you to our dear friend, Justin, for hipping us to this UH-MAZING album.

MP3: Sandy Nassan – Here’s That Rainy Day

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Campground Cooking

Campground Cooking II  copy

Campground Cooking copy

Campground Cooking III  copy

We’ve briefly posted about Campground Cooking before, but we sat down with the book over the weekend and forgot just how wonderful this thing really is. Thanks for posting the whole thing, Old Chum. Buy the last few over at Abe Books.

MP3: Squeeze – Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

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louis l'amour  copy

“No pornography. No profanity.”

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Journey To Ixtlan

Journey To Ixtlan

Journey To Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan, published in 1971, is  Carlos Castaneda’s third book about his apprenticeship with the Yaqui shaman, don Juan.  I’m just a quarter of the way in (thank you Dominic for the recommendation) but it’s already a real humdinger. Are y’all hip to this book? Or his first two, The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality? 

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