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The Collective Quarterly

Collective Quarterly

Our buddy Max Wastler went down to one of our favorite places in the country, Southwest Tay-Ha, to shoot and experience the Trans Pecos for the first issue of The Collective Quarterly. Today marks the day that said magazine is available for the public’s viewing pleasure, so go on over to APO and find out a bit more than I can tell you here. Looks beautiful.

Today marks the launch of The Collective Quarterly, a travel magazine told from the perspective of a group of creative individuals brought together to collaborate with one another. Each issue focuses on a single locale: its people, places, and things. For those who have traveled to the place in question, the hope is that fresh surroundings will stoke the creative fire, infusing their work with elements of their discoveries while on the trip. For the locals featured, the hope is chiefly to be inspired by them, and secondarily, humbly, in their meeting this motley crew of writers, artists, artisans, and photographers, it may trigger in them a desire to further explore the potentials within their own craft. Pouring together this unique combination, reading about how it has come together in the pages of the publication, we think readers will aspire to more deeply explore their own passions.

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off belay

Off Belay? Yes fucking please. Get your back issues here.

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Alpinist 41

Alpinist 41

Alpinist, one of the best pubs around, features a never before seen photo of Clint Eastwood in The Eiger Sanction on the cover of their latest issue. There’s a great little article about that cover over at written by Gwen Cameron, managing editor of the magazine, and Hammish MacInnes, the 82-year-old Scottish winter climbing pioneer who took the photo and the designed the Terrordactyl ice axes:

Clint showed no emotion as we lowered him into position. He was busy directing himself. Our group of expert climbers was unusually silent. This rope-cutting stunt was special, and I’m sure all were relieved that they were not on the end of that rope. Clint was more worried about the Swiss Army Knife that he grasped in his right hand to cut the rope. It had been honed to razor sharpness, and he felt that there was a danger that he wouldn’t immediately drop it the instant he severed the fibers. It illustrated his clarity of mind that he could dismiss the danger of our gallows disintegrating and concentrate on dropping the knife. He was keen to start.

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Patagonia and MG

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading the 40th anniversary edition of Mountain Gazette, I’m sure you noticed the advertisement on the inside cover. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long while (who makes custom ads like this anymore?), so hats off to you, Patagonia. Well done.

Excuse the Instagram photo (cold_splinters) but the pages of MG are too big to fit on the scanner. Scorpion paperweight courtesy of El Cosmico.

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MG Turns 40

One of our favorites around these parts, The Mountain Gazette, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, they put out a special edition that includes some of the best quotes from years past and a drawing of one of its most famous contributors, Ed Abbey, on the cover. Also included in the 40th Anniversary Edition is an article by the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, M. John Fayhee, who describes a speaking engagement in Durango, CO where he was unknowingly the keynote speaker at an Ed Abbey tribute that he had originally tried to decline appearing at. He then goes on to compare Abbey and Hunter S. Thompson and, well, read it yourself…

Even if you’re not a Mountain Gazette or Abbey fan, the Patagonia ad on the inside cover is worth your time.

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Desert Magazine

Randall Henderson started Desert Magazine in 1937. You can see every page of every issue printed over the next 21 years by clicking here.  Have at it.

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Small World

Thanks to Bob at Cork Grips for posting these a little while back. Small World was a quarterly magazine that Volkswagen printed from 1962 to 1984. See tons more covers here and buy them on eBay here.

MP3: Wes Montgomery – I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face

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Uncle Skullfucker

I’ve had the pleasure of drinking a few beers down in Texas with Daniel Chamberlin, the editor of the now defunct Arthur Magazine. If you’ve been to this rag in the past, you know that CS is a fan of the Grateful Dead, and after getting on the topic the other night at a bar in Marfa (where Chamberlin now resides), he pointed me in the direction of an article he wrote in May of 2009 called “Uncle Skullfucker’s Band.” In it, he explains the “discreet charm of the Grateful Dead” and, of all things, the relationship between Throbbing Gristle and American Beauty. Whether you’re a fan or despise all things Grateful Dead (shame on you), I highly recommend you sit down and read it:

“When I think of the Grateful Dead, I think of a flag and I think of a rose and I think of a steak and I think of a gun,” said Richard Loren, a former Dead manager, in Carol Brightman’s Sweet Chaos: The Grateful Dead’s American Adventure. “I think of the West and I think of consciousness expansion. I think of irreverence and anarchy and I think of something pure.” I heard all of these things in American Beauty. But when I thought of the Grateful Dead I also thought of 16-year-old burnouts flunking chemistry class and gas-huffing drug addicts shooting cats. When punk friends made the switch to Deadhead, they sold me their Fall and Naked Raygun tapes for what I assumed was drug money, given their new logy disposition. I was heading with Jeremy to the parking lot scene at the Dead show looking to replace these associations with the ideal that Loren was talking about.

 MP3: Throbbing Gristle – Still Walking

MP3: Grateful Dead – Dire Wolf *

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Mountain Gazette

We’ve sung praises for The Mountain Gazette before (and written for them as well), but now you can read old issues of the magazine in full online. Click here to read the issues above  – #2 from October 1972 and #4 from December of the same year – and a couple more. They’re a real treat.

(The poem on the October 1972 cover is from Robinson Jeffers’ “The Beaks of Eagles.”)

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North Cascades Handbook

Not bad for a National Park Service brochure. Download the entire 100 page beauty here.

MP3: Philip Glass – Glassworks: Opening

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