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Back Home Again

john denver

From Clint to John Denver. Cause why not? Start the week off…soft.

MP3: John Denver – Back Home Again

MP3: John Denver – It’s Up To You

MP3: John Denver – Cool An’ Green An’ Shady

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Outdoor Retailer Winter 2013


It’s the end of January and that can only mean one thing. It’s OR time. Cold Splinters is off to Utah today, so if you’re around for the show, get at me.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Throat Of Winter

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Peace Pilgrim

Before Mildred Lisette Norman started calling herself Peace Pilgrim while walking across the country for nearly 30 years, she became the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail. And while she did lots of amazing things that you can learn more about here, I think the AT part of it seems most appropriate for a Cold Splinters post. The following (there’s more after the jump that you should definitely read) is taken straight from the official Peace Pilgrim website:

Her sixth stage and final step, at which she arrived at complete inner peace, came in the fall of 1952, at the end of a long and extraordinary journey on foot. On April 26, 1952, Mildred Ryder began a 2,050 mile hike of the Appalachian Trail and parts of the Long Trail. She started her hike north from Mt. Oglethorp in Georgia, and headed toward Mt. Katahdin, in northern Maine. On the way, she made a 165 mile detour, and also hiked the northern half of the Long Trail in Vermont from the point where the two trails diverge mid state. She then returned to central Vermont and completed the remainder of the AT trek in October 1952. Completing this walk, she became the first women to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one season. At the end of this remarkable journey, she also achieved total inner peace and discovered what she was called to do.

She had been hiking for five months, living outdoors completely, equipped with only a pair of slacks, one shirt and sweater, a blanket and two plastic sheets. Her menu, morning and evening, was two cups of uncooked oatmeal soaked in water and flavored with brown sugar; at noon, two cups of double strength dried milk, plus any berries, nuts or greens that she found in the woods.

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Huell Howser

R.I.P. California’s Gold.

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On The Mountain

If you’re a fan of the old photos/magazines/advertisements/videos etc. that fill this rag on a regular basis, then you’ll be happy to know about On The Mountain. They make the blank greeting cards pictured above out of recycled paper, then donate 10% of their profits to the NRDC. OTM was kind enough to send me a box last week, and though it’s not even Thanksgiving, I’m already writing Christmas cards.

Buy them here.

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Bill Walton

Sports Illustrated posted a whole slew of unreleased Bill Walton pics from yesteryear. One of the best slideshows I’ve seen in a long while. What a goddamn look. Grateful Dead shirt and hat. Bold, Walton. Bold.

See the rest here.

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Coming Back

Soloman Running’s video series, Kilian’s Quest, highlights Kilian Jornet, a Spanish long-distance runner, mountaineer and mountain biker. The latest episode finds Jornet running in the Tetons with our friend, Anton Kupricka, pictured above on the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. The video, titled “Coming Back,” is really something special, and if you speak Spanish, you’ll enjoy it even more. Watch it here.

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Mountain Misery

On our drive back to the Bay Area from the JMT/PCT, we stopped several times along the road, smelling this and looking for that. (This is what you do when your friends/hiking companions run a wildcrafted soap/incense/perfume etc. company.) One of the most aromatic plants in the area – one that you could instantly smell as soon as you rolled down the windows – is Chamaebatia foliolosa, more commonly known as Mountain Misery. It gets its name for the wildly resinous and sticky leaves that adhere to just about anything. It’s scent is unpleasant to some, but a few of us (including me), were absolutely transfixed by the somewhat innocuous fern-looking plant.

In any case, look for Mountain Misery next time you’re out in the Sierras. Kitkiddizze, Gary Snyder’s famous homestead built in the early 70s, is named after the local Wintun Indian word for Bear Clover, also known as – yes, you guessed it – Mountain Misery.

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Bigfoot Museum

God only knows what’s going to come up in conversation when you’re hiking 15 or so miles a day, and one of the topics that kept popping up on a recent adventure was Bigfoot. For those of you living in the PNW, I’d imagine this comes up a lot more than on the Appalachian Trail, so it was good to listen to all the good stories that my friends from Portland have come up with over the years.

“What would happen if he was found?”
- It’d crush the logging industry. Everything would be shut down.

“Is he real?”
- What do you mean? Of course..

“Why haven’t you been to the museum in Felton, CA before?”
- There’s a museum? Where is Felton?

Not sure if I believe in the big guy, BUT, if you want an interesting take on the history of the Yeti in Tibetan culture, read Matthiessen’s Snow Leopard. One of our favorites in these parts.

MP3: Ted Lucas – Now That I Know

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Yuba River State Park

The Yuba River, a tributary of the Feather River in California, is located about 2 hours outside of San Francisco in Sacramento Valley. The main stem of the river is about 40 miles long and its headwaters are split into North, Middle and South forks; the confluence of the former two is considered the beginning of the Yuba.

South Yuba River State Park stretches from Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park to the Bridgeport Covered Bridge, which has the longest clear span of any surviving covered bridge in the world.

CS and friends spent the day swimming and hiking in the park this last weekend, and despite a pretty brutal fall by yours truly that left some cuts and bruises on face, ribs and hand, it was a pretty beautiful (and hot as hell) day.

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