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Psychological Warfare

When we were young, our Way Of The Scout obsessed friend, Trevor, would lead us on “psychological warfare” missions in the middle of the night. One of the most memorable missions was to Horizon Farms, Trevor’s next door neighbor. We sneaked onto the property while backyard camping and switched the flags (not all of which were Stars and Stripes) on all the flagpoles that were scattered throughout the massive property.

Hopefully they were confused.

MP3: David Crosby – Wooden Ships (Demo)

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Cat Stevens

MP3: Cat Stevens – How Can I Tell You

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Cowboy Poets

The desert swims like a silver sea
In the light of a big full moon
And strong and clear there comes to me
The lilt of the first guard’s tune.
Fire camp is burning bright,
Cook’s got more wood than he needs
We’ll be telling some awful tales tonight
Of races and big stampedes.
I’m getting too old for that line of talk:
The desperados they’ve known,
Their wonderful methods of handling stock
And, the fellows they have seen get thrown

What’s that I see walking fast?
It’s a horse that’s slipping through.
He is trying to make it out through the pass:
Come mighty near doin’ it too.
Get back there. What are you trying to do?
You have no chance to bolt.
Old boy, I was wrangling a bunch like you
Before you was even a colt.

- From “The Old Night Hawk” by Bruce Kiskaddon

Cowboy Poets trailer

Cowboy Poets in full from the amazing Folkstreams

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That 70s Guy

As you probably already noticed, we post a lot of pictures from the 70s and 80s on this website thing we got going. It wasn’t until this morning, while coming across a wonderful picture of this dude camping, that I remembered a mildly funny podcast from Outside’s Eric Hansen where he decides to turn back the clock and dress the part of a 70s outdoor enthusiast. It’s worth taking a listen.

From the podcast:

“The stars and stripes are flying proudly thanks to my super bitchin’ American flag backpack. ‘Looooking good,’ I say to myself. And it’s true. I am the avatar of the bicentennial outdoors, embodiment of all that is joyous and unbridled.”

Telly Tom’s amazing photos

MP3: Cactus – Parchman Farm


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We took an excursion to Wisconsin last weekend to visit the places of yesteryear, eat some crème de menthe soft serve and fried bluegill sandwiches, scan the radio for Hootie’s “I Only Wanna Be With Youuuuuuuuuuuuu”, and sit on a boat until we forgot why we lived in New York. We didn’t get it all done, but we did come home with some American flag shirts and a renewed understanding that Wisconsin is one of the most underrated states we’ve got. Bravo.

From Wisconsin’s bible, Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac:

Thus always does history, whether of marsh or market place, end in paradox. The ultimate value in these marshes is wildness, and the crane is wildness incarnate. But all conservation of wildness is self-defeating, for to cherish we must see and fondle, and when enough have seen and fondled, there is no wilderness left to cherish.

MP3: Songs: Ohia – Old Black Hen (Demo)

MP3: Bob Dylan – If Not For You (From The New Morning Sessions)

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