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Ed Abbey at the Telluride Ideas Festival, 1986


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In case you have yet to watch VBS’ Heimo documentary in full, make sure you do yourself a huge favor and stop here over the weekend. And when you’re finished watching, read an interesting interview with James Campbell, Heimo’s cousin and author of The Final Frontiersman, the book about Heimo, at Viceland.

And if you still can’t get enough of Heimo world, then watch a video of John Martin from Vice eat some very fresh caviar while making the documentary. That’s after the jump..

Well done, VBS. Well done.

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Cold Splinters Interview: Ken Sanders

Ken Sanders has been in the rare book business in Utah since the 1970s, founding Dream Garden Press in 1980 and Ken Sanders Rare Books in 1990. Dream Garden is responsible for the 10th Anniversary R. Crumb-illustrated version of Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, which can be purchased in book form and/or t-shirt form here. (Hayduke’s my favorite.) If you’re around these parts often enough, you’ll know I’m a huge Abbey fan, and with the MWG movie coming out soonish, Sanders was kind enough to answer a few questions about the making of the book and the 1987 Monkey Wrench Gang calendar.

Where did the idea to have R. Crumb illustrate The Monkey Wrench Gang come from?

I had been familiar with Crumb’s work since Zap Comix and the 60s. In my mind’s eye, I could just see the Crumb caricatures of Abbey’s characters. His artwork was perfect for the exaggerated comedic style of the novel. Crumb originally turned me down. He had never heard of Ed Abbey or The Monkey Wrench Gang. I went through two years worth of other artists that didn’t work out until I returned to Crumb. This time around I was smart enough to send him a paperback of the book and offer him pretty good money to do the project. Once he had actually read the novel, he was eager to proceed.

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