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Canaries in the coal mine.

Penguin population plunge.

MP3: Cold War Kids – Hang me up to Dry

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Mother Nature’s Quite A Lady

Beside a singing mountain stream
Where the pussy willow grew
Where the silver leaf of maple
Sparkled in the morning dew
I braided twigs of willows
Made a string of buckeye beads
But flesh and blood needs flesh and blood
And you’re the one I need
Flesh and blood needs flesh and blood
And you’re the one I need

Youtube: Johnny Cash – Flesh and Blood

* If anyone can find that video from The Man, His World, His Music where Johnny sings this song to June on their couch, let me know. That video can probably cure a few diseases.

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Future House Farm

Future House Farm is one of Cold Splinters’ favorite blogs. Kelly and Meg live in a house outside of Philadelphia and have converted their backyard to an organic farm with loads of vegetables and a few chickens. They both have 9 -5 jobs and they’re not experts, so they’re learning as they go along, which makes the blog so damn enjoyable. Kelly on their newly built chicken tractor:

*Have you ever heard the sounds a chicken makes when it eats a really fat grub? Imagine someone eating a raw steak with their mouths open. It may not be as loud, but yeah, it’s nasty. I just have to remember that the slurping makes the eggs taste better. Shit, that doesn’t help at all.

Their trials and tribulations can be found here.

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As you may have heard, there has been an epidemic devastating our country’s bee population for the past few years.  Billions of have died, leaving scientists and apiculturists struggling to keep a population that pollinates 80% of our fruits and vegetables alive.

Back in the news this week, it seems that we may be a step closer to understanding the root of Colony Collapse Disorder, leaving yet more questions than answers.  A mathematician even weighed in on the op-ed page of the Times this week.

Here’s hoping that it gets sorted out soon.

For further reading: check this fact-filled piece by one of the best environmental journalists in America, Elizabeth Kolbert.

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Today is a great day for Chilean whales. Here.

Time to dance. Rejoice. Play it real funky.

MP3: The Meters – Gossip

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Surround Yourself With Predators

If you want to surround yourself by the densest population of major predators in the Lower 48, go to the Black Canyon in Yellowstone National Park. Doug Smith, a park biologist, says that the canyon hides as many as one griz, wolf, cougar, or black bear every two square miles. Here.

“Wilderness can be defined as a place where humans enjoy the opportunity of being attacked by a wild animal” – Ed Abbey

MP3: Viking Moses – Still My Home

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No Polar Bears For Oil

Another bummer day for polar bears.
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Sweet Annie

Last fall we went up to Unity, Maine to attend the Common Ground Country Fair. There’s nothing wrong with a weekend full of alpacas, roosters, sheep, and loads of locally grown food. But I’ll tell ya, the highlight of Common Grounds was the smell. Everyone was walking around with crowns made of Sweet Annie, one of the most heavenly things that’s ever filled our noses. It might remind most of autumn and rumor has it that some people consider it a weed in their gardens because it spreads so easily, but if you’re like us and your garden consists of some plastic containers on your fire escape, then buy a bucket now and plant some Sweet Annie seeds next to your cilantro. In a few weeks, you’ll be in the Maine woods no matter what town you live in.

Youtube: Rolling Stones – Waiting On A Friend

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Lime Cay

Will someone loan me $1,750,000? Thanks, I’ll pay you back later. I swear.

If you call and I’m not around, just give Carlos your number. I’ll call you right back.

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