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Abbey’s Truck

In August of 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah, a beat up old pick up truck was sold for more than 50 times its blue book value.

“We intend to leave with that truck tonight. We want to all sit up in the front seat and drink a beer just like he did.”

I drove Abbey’s truck

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No Road Is The Right Road

“Of course I litter the public highway. Every chance I get. After all, it’s not the beer cans that are ugly; it’s the highway that is ugly.” - Ed Abbey, The Journey Home, 1977

MP3: Christine Perfect (McVie) – No Road Is The Right Road

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When I Die (If I Live That Long) I’d Like To Be Buried Under This Gravel

Edward Abbey, author and critic of everything, is one of CS’s absolute favorite things in the cosmic empire and we were happy to see that a little scene from Voice In The Wilderness made its way onto the Internets. VITW is an Abbey documentary that was made a few years back that includes a lot of bad PBS-style moments and a few great ones. This segment has one of the latter where Abbey takes us back to his Desert Solitaire days and carelessly expresses where he wants to be buried.

In reality, Outside Magazine tells us:

The last time Ed smiled was when I told him where he was going to be buried,” says Doug Peacock, an environmental crusader in Edward Abbey’s inner circle. On March 14th, 1989, the day Abbey died from esophageal bleeding at 62, Peacock, along with his friend Jack Loeffler, his father-in-law Tom Cartwright, and his brother-in-law Steve Prescott, wrapped Abbey’s body in his blue sleeping bag, packed it with dry ice, and loaded Cactus Ed into Loeffler’s Chevy pickup. After stopping at a liquor store in Tucson for five cases of beer, and some whiskey to pour on the grave, they drove off into the desert. The men searched for the right spot the entire next day and finally turned down a long rutted road, drove to the end, and began digging.

MP3: George Harrison – Hear Me Lord (Demo)

MP3: The Beach Boys – There’s No Other (Like My Baby)

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