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I Loved It. I Loved It All.

Essay by Edward Abbey "I Loved it...I Loved it All" from Ned Judge on Vimeo.

There's not too much to say about this other than...Edward Abbey video:
An eight minute film essay that I co-produced and directed with Ed Abbey in 1985. At the time I was working for a network magazine show. The executive producer took me to lunch one day. He told me that he was having trouble with his son who was 18. The son thought his dad was a corporate whore. He had told his father if he had any balls at all he’d put Ed Abbey on his show. That’s why the EP was talking to me. Would I see if it was possible? I had an acquaintance who knew Ed and he passed the request along. Ed responded that he’d give it a try. He signed the contract and wrote a script. We met in Moab and went out to Arches National Park to shoot some practice sessions with a home video camera. We would review them at the motel in the evening. After a day or two, Ed was feeling pretty comfortable on camera so we scheduled the shoot. We were all happy with the way it went. But then we ran head-on into network reality. Roger Mudd, the show’s host, was extremely negative about putting an “eco-terrorist” on the show. The executive producer caved (his son was right about him apparently). So this Abbey essay was put on the shelf and never aired. Abbey died 3 years later in March 1989.
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In 1985, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Monkey Wrench Gang, Dream Garden Press founder, Ken Sanders (who we interviewed on CS a few years back), suggested that R. Crumb illustrate a special edition of the Edward Abbey classic. You can only buy the Crumb version here (along with t-shirts), so if you don't have a copy, get up on it. **Keep your eyes peeled for the Abbey/Crumb calendar on eBay. It's a real humdinger.
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Cold Splinters is heading to the southwest section of these United of States for Christmas, so there might be some crickets around these parts for the next week or so. Have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you in 2013. It's gonna be a real good one.


I'll meet you in the Organ Pipes All alone on a winter's night You'll say, "Come Home." I'll stay. You won't.

MP3: Steve Earle - Goodbye's All We've Got Left

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The Western National Parks Association has published some pretty wonderful books since it was founded in 1938. (Back then they were called the Southwest Monuments Association.) They now operate bookstores at 66 NPS sites throughout the western United States with a flagship/headquarters in Tucson. I've found and bought a bunch of these while traveling these last few years - Flowers of the Southwest Mesas, Flowers of the Southwest Deserts, 70 Common Cacti, 100 Roadside Flowers  - and they're pretty darn easy on the eyes. You can see more old covers at the NPS' website here and you can order books, patches and a whole lotta Prickly Pear Cactus Candy directly from the WNPA here. Thanks WNPA.
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MP3: Marty Robbins - They're Hanging Me Tonight

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Deserts To Finally Die In When The Heart Fails

I've posted this before, but I spent the better portion of yesterday listening to Freedom and Wilderness from Moab's Back of Beyond Books. It's just so so good. Enjoy it.
We need wilderness because we are wild animals. Every man needs a place where he can go to go crazy in peace. Every Boy Scout troop deserves a forest to get lost, miserable, and starving in. Even the maddest murderer of the sweetest wife should get a chance for a run to the sanctuary of the hills. If only for the sport of it. For the terror, freedom, and delirium. Because we need brutality and raw adventure, because men and women first learned to love in, under, and all around trees, because we need for every pair of feet and legs about ten leagues of naked nature, crags to leap from, mountains to measure by, deserts to finally die in when the heart fails.
MP3: Ed Abbey - Excerpt from "Freedom and Wilderness, Wilderness and Freedom"
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