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I very rarely ooh and ahh about any type of clothing, but I can’t help it with a few of these new Filson jackets. Maybe the ogling is because I now live in Los Angeles, California, where days of wearing coats seems to be long gone. I’m not sure. In any case, it’s worth a few minutes of (tin) cruising the Filson website for a major….Schwing!

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Danner x See See




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Earth First

Earth First

It might be a reproduction but it’s one fantastic t-shirt.


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It’s getting warmer everyday. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

(OYO is brought to you by the same fellas who brought you Topo Designs.)

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Make Your Own Camping Equipment

Trust me. Get it. Even if you’ll never DIY. Here.

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Jerry Base Layers

Jerry Thermal

Yep, even Jerry Garcia is getting into the outdoor game. Sorta:

Made with a so-soft cotton-polyester blend and micro-waffle texture for uncompromised comfort, this classic Alternative Apparel thermal crew embroidered with Stanley Mouse’s iconic Cats Under The Stars design is an essential layering piece.

MP3: Jerry Garcia Band – Rubin and Cherise

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Danner x West America

I’ve known Jordan of West America for some time now, so it was wonderful to hear from Danner, a client of Cold Splinters, that they were using the WA boys for their FW13 video lookbook. Needless to say, it’s a real humdinger.

CS is out in California at the moment and had a few minutes with Jordan yesterday before he continued south on a year-long trip to Patagonia and back. Safe travels, y’all.

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FairEnds x Cold Splinters Prickly Pear Hat

FairEnds x Cold Splinters Prickly Pear Hat

After months of talking with Ben at FairEnds about doing a project together, I found this fabric while traveling around southern Arizona. I immediately made a call, sent a photo and now, a few weeks later, the Cold Splinters Prickly Pear Ball Cap is ready. Buy it here.

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The Green Pepper

Green Pepper 2 Green Pepper

The Green Pepper was established in the fall of 1973 in Eugene, Oregon as a small retail fabric store:

Eugene is located between the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Mountain Range, and is only 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the west, and The Pacific Crest Trail to the east, so it isn’t surprising that many of our customers were avid outdoors people who wanted to learn to make their own camping, hiking, and skiing clothing and gear.

Since outdoor fabrics were not readily available at the fabric trade shows, it took both determination and a great deal of research to find sources for the same fabrics, zippers and hardware the manufacturers were using. Once we found the fabrics and hardware, we needed the patterns– so in 1976 we produced our first Green Pepper Patterns.

We no longer have a retail fabric store, but we do have a Mail-Order warehouse where we stock 75 Green Pepper Patterns for active sportswear and outdoor gear, as well as the popular outdoor fabrics, hardware, zippers, webbing, and notions needed for making any of our patterns!

Order your Green Pepper patterns here.

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Burns Hats

If you’ve ever been to Park City (which I know some of you have as there are a few readers out there who attend Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City), then you’ve probably noticed Burns Cowboy Shop on Main Street. Burns, which also has a shop in Carmel, CA, a store I spent a lot of time in last week while traveling down the coast, was started in 1876, making them the oldest same family owned western retail business in the world. And holy hell do they make a hat. One of the best cowboy hats I’ve ever had the honor of putting on my dome. And there have been many.

Next time you’re in Utah, mosey on up to one of their stores and try a few on.

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