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A Walk In Those Woods

Eddie Bauer x Travel and Leisure 6

This post is sponsored by Eddie Bauer and Travel + Leisure.

In case you didn’t know – and it’s likely that you don’t – I moved to California a few months ago. I was out here in Los Angeles doing some work and, after picking up a friend for dinner who mentioned the bungalow next to hers was for rent, I signed a lease, flew home the next day and started packing up the life I had lived in New York for the past decade. It was…impulsive.

Needless to say, it’s been wonderful calling the west my home. It still feels a bit surreal, but I’m getting used to it more everyday. You can hike before work (or during) and if you feel like sleeping under the stars after you’ve finished eating tacos, you can. You don’t even have to think about it. Just keep your camping stuff in the trunk.

Sure, the summer here has been hotter than F. 100+ degrees most days and barely an drop of rain since I got here at the end of March. Angeles National Forest is just a stones throw from my house, but driving up the Crest for a hike is usually an early morning or early evening activity so you can beat the heat. (And by beating the heat, I mean hiking in that “cool” 90 degree shade.)

Eddie Bauer x Travel and Leisure 3

I partnered with Travel + Leisure and Eddie Bauer to document my favorite hike in the area. I asked Sinuhe Xavier, my favorite California/Colorado traveling companion, frequent hiking partner-in-crime and photographer extraordinaire, to come along for a sunrise jaunt up in Griffith Park last week. We were treated to a cool – dare I say chilly – morning of fog, a rare treat for us east side dwellers. Very few of the photos I take while hiking are gray, but I’m psyched that Sinuhe and I were able to capture that calmness here.

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Range Of Light Wilderness

Range of Light

Friends in California! If you’re going to be around Big Sur, Berkeley, SF, LA or Ojai, go and support one of Cold Splinters’ favorites, Range of Light Wilderness. They’re doing a few record release shows at some pretty nifty places. Go have a beer, listen to/watch some music and then sleep under them West Coast Stars. Dreamy.

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Just when you think California is perfect. I guess I’ll be needing to keep a few bottles of this in the back of my car now.

Tecnu and Poison Oak FAQs.

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Make Your Own Camping Equipment

Trust me. Get it. Even if you’ll never DIY. Here.

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Mikael Kennedy California II

Mikael Kennedy California

People, have you bought Mikael Kennedy’s new book, California? If you haven’t, do it now. Because if there’s anyone to listen to in this situation, it’s yours truly. I was sitting right next to this amazing feller the entire time he was shooting. And yes, it was as magical in real life as it looks printed on paper.


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Bigfoot Country

BIGFOOT COUNTRY: The Adventures of Woody and the Blue Ox:

After building his own truck-bed camper from scratch in Carpinteria, California, Trevor Gordon embarked on a mission to find surf and adventure in the heart of Cascadia’s Bigfoot Country. Watch BIGFOOT COUNTRY: The Adventures of Woody and the Blue Ox: Chapter One HERE.

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Garden and Gun

Everglades Cold Splinters

As if there wasn’t enough Cold Splinters/Mikael Kennedy adventure in these parts, you can now read about our late winter trip to the Everglades over at Garden and Gun. It’s in the December issue if you get the print version!

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Juniper Ridge x Men’s Journal

Juniper 1 Juniper 2 Juniper 3 Juniper 4

If you’ve flipped through the pages of the Men’s Journal on stands now, you’ll see a wonderful article written about my cousins and heart condors, Juniper Ridge. I’ve spent a lot of time with those folks in the last year hiking/camping/driving around California, drinking wine on Oakland porches, singing about stray cats in cabins near Mammoth and eating Korean tacos in Brooklyn, so you can imagine how happy I was to see Hall, JR’s founder, swearing in print:

Four hours and several beers later, Newbegin swirls a beaker under my nose. Piney, woolly, grassy notes hit me powerfully. Newbegin is not surprised. “This stuff is Ice Age,” he says. “You’ll respond regardless if you give a shit about Big Sur, because the love of nature is hardwired into us.”

See more of Jose Mandojana’s wonderful outtakes from the Men’s Journal shoot here.

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White Sands National Monument



CS and friends spent a couple of days driving around the southern part of New Mexico last week, first stopping at the unbelievably beautiful White Sands National Monument. It had been 10 years since I’d stepped foot onto the long stretches of gypsum sand that make up the park and it was just as quiet and surreal as I remember it. There are about 12 backcountry campsites (which are seemingly never full) and holy holy are they humdingers. Except for a few lizards and moths, there’s barely any wildlife around, and without any trees to provide those old bumps in the night, it’s dead silence throughout your entire stay. Pure and open go-on-forever-white-sand silence. You can hear your body working.

More photos after the jump.

MP3: Jonathan Richman – The Desert

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Mikael Kennedy In Michigan





A couple of weeks ago, my friend and traveling partner-in-crime, Mikael Kennedy, set off for Michigan’s UP for Wolverine Traveler. It was a trip I was sadly not able to go on, but Mikael came back with amazing stories and, not surprisingly, even better photos. Read below for some CS exclusives and make sure to visit Wolverine Traveler for the rest of the goodness.


“I am glad that I shall never be young without wild country to be young in. Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?” – Aldo Leopold

I found that quote in the first few pages of a book I took off my mom’s bookshelf when I was 18 and hitting the road for the first time. The book called ‘On the Loose’, published by the Seirra Club in 1967 was a rambling vision of two young men’s journeys through the wild in the form of photographs and wandering thoughts. The quote which opens the book has stuck with me over the years as I’ve travelled, when I was younger my routes were always determined by the cities and where I new I had couches to crash on but eventually my taste and excitement for those faded and I found myself heading out into more remote parts of the country, trying to find places that were less touched by human hands.

When Wolverine agreed to send me out to the Upper Peninsula and to Isle Royale as the launch of our new Traveler series I was excited at the prospect of visiting one of the least visited National Parks in the Continental US. Last year Jeff & I hiked to the South Rim in Big Bend National Park another one of the lost parks. I do very little research when I travel, other than just the safety and neccessities, I prefer to be suprised by what I find. Isle Royale did not disapoint. An untounched wilderness in the middle of Lake Superior, just a stones throw from the Canadian shore, walking through the forests feels like you have travelled back in time before we carved our way through this country.

We flew in low over the islands surrounding Royale, landing in Rock Harbor, from there we explored the islands by canoe, boat and foot. Here’s a closer look after the jump:

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