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Ramblers Bone

If there is a heaven for hitchhikers the road to angel falls in Zion is the road they dream of Every morning I wake up to the sight of a¬†lonely New Mexico desert, a landscape that’s worlds away from the apartment I call home. Bummer. The photo is part of Mikael Kennedy’s Odysseus¬†and it’s quite […]

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Photos From The Road

Cold Splinters wrote a few times about Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan’s Ramblers Bone, the Wolverine-sponsored road trip the two guys took this last spring. Mikael was even generous enough to give us a few exclusive photos to post. In any case, the final culmination of the whole thing will take place TONIGHT, November 29th, […]

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Mikael Kennedy in NZ

While Cold Splinters jetted off to California for six weeks this last month, our partner-in-crime, photographer Mikael Kennedy, was out at the edge of the world in New Zealand taking photographs for Burton. Until Labor Day-ish, we hadn’t seen Mikael for some time, so it’s exciting to be able to share some of his photos […]

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Welcome Home

Sure, it’s been a few weeks since the guys behind Ramblers Bone (Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan) have returned safe and sound to New York City, but in case you have yet to mosey on over to the RB website, now’s as good a time as any. The guys spent 28 days driving 6,288 miles […]

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