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I moved to Los Angeles last March and I still believe it to be one of the best decisions my idiot brain has ever made. Sure, Los Angeles might not be at the top of everyone’s “I GOTTA LIVE THERE” list, but the beauty of the City of Angels is what’s right outside of it. The best part of the surrounding area is Angeles National Forest, a 700,000 acre playground just up the road from my little east side neighborhood. It’s a 25 minute drive to trails, campsites and pure wilderness. It’s just another 20 minutes to the Pacific Crest Trail, where hiking, camping and exercise is imperative. The open space outside of this city is amazing, drought or not. It’s open, it’s wilderness and it’s a perfect place to go after (or during) a long day at work. Grab your shoes, a friend, some clothes that wick away that hot southern California sweat and do your thing. Whatever it may be. That’s the beauty of it. (And don’t forget your necklaces.)


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2 Responses to Running around Angeles

  1. Lenny December 5, 2015 at 8:45 pm #

    Hope this means yr posting again!

  2. Brian Miller January 22, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    I had no idea you were out here. Welcome. Don’t forget about the miles and miles of trails right in our city proper. A few times a week while commuting home I’ll pull off the road / freeway, steer toward the Santa Monica Mountains that are the city’s spine, find a trail and head up for a nice run. Quite a treat that, for better or worse, most Angelinos don’t take advantage of.

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