Tincup Whiskey Presents #WhiskeyOnTheRockies (Pt. 1)

Welcome to Colorado Tincup Whiskey 


Two weeks ago, Sinuhe Xavier and I spent a few nights tromping around western Colorado, moving from camping spot to camping spot at a snail’s pace, vowing to not take any major roads to any of our destinations. (Yes, sure, we spent a few miles on 70 in the first hours after eating lunch with the Topo fellas in Denver, but that’s unavoidable, right?) We were rarely below 10K feet, save a few times we went into town for supplies and a visit to the local watering hole.  I lived in Colorado for four years, and though I’ve been back countless times since leaving, this time felt different. More special. Maybe even humbling? I’ll get to the bottom of that as the “bloggin goes on,” but it’s impossible not to wax poetic on all those wild, lush, and aspen-white corners that Colorado throws you at every turn of the trail.

Camping in Colorado

We were equipped with Sinuhe’s 2003 VW Eurovan (with GoWesty Suspension and National Luna fridge, for you #VanLife folks out there), dynamite sandwich ingredients and a case of Tincup Whiskey, our sponsor on this Colorado adventure. They make their whiskey with water from the Rocky Mountains, so it was our pleasure to drink a few nips around the campfire at the base of the mountains that help fill those beautiful bottles.

I’ll be posting about our #WhiskeyOnTheRockies adventure all week, but for now, enjoy Sinuhe’s photos and have a look around Tincup’s website. While we weren’t able to meet Jess Graber, the founder of Tincup, this time around, we met lots of people who know him or knew of him and they were sure glad to join us for a drink. I guess camping and local whiskey really are a perfect combo.

More to come, folks.

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