Audrey Grendahl Kuhn

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn II

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn III

Audrey Grendahl Kuhn IV

I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful Audrey Kendahl Kuhn in my house (1/150 of the Painted Desert) but can’t seem to find any more of her work from this area for sale on the internet. If you have leads, let me know. Or if you have one in your house, take a picture!



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One Response to Audrey Grendahl Kuhn

  1. Mark May 19, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

    I have one similar to the last piece hanging in my office. Always loved this work. Audrey has an email and a phone number:
    518-915-0529 – born in 1929, I’m sure who’ll actually answer the phone but it’s worth a shot!

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