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Breaking Records on Everest

Great article in Marie Claire about Ellisa Arnot and Pasang Lhamu Sherpa trying to set a world record on Everest:

MELISSA ARNOT AND Pasang Lhamu Sherpa are two professional female mountain climbers in a male-dominated industry—but until last year, they had never met. “We’ve known about each other for a long time,” says Arnot, 30, a petite blonde from Idaho who holds the record for Everest summits by a non-Sherpa woman (five). Pasang Lhamu, 29, who has summited Everest once and is one of a handful of Sherpa women trained as a guide and sponsored as an athlete, even searched for Arnot on Facebook. Then, in August, they ran into each other on Mount Rainier.

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Steve Fugate

Steve Fugate

Trail Therapy: The 34,000 Mile Journey of Steve Fugate:

I saw Steve Fugate on the side of the road in the middle of the Californian desert in January. In 1999, lost his son to suicide. A few years later, he lost his daughter to a drug overdose. At sixty-four years old, he has walked across the United States seven times to raise awareness for depression and suicide and to inspire people he meets to “love life.”  After fourteen years and 34,000 miles of walking, Steve continues his quest to heal his heart and the hearts of those in need one step at a time.

Watch this now. Seriously. And Steve? Nice Danners.

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Bigfoot Country

BIGFOOT COUNTRY: The Adventures of Woody and the Blue Ox:

After building his own truck-bed camper from scratch in Carpinteria, California, Trevor Gordon embarked on a mission to find surf and adventure in the heart of Cascadia’s Bigfoot Country. Watch BIGFOOT COUNTRY: The Adventures of Woody and the Blue Ox: Chapter One HERE.

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Commemorating Controversy


At the NMAI:

In the late summer of 1862, a war raged across southern Minnesota between Dakota akicitas (warriors) and the U.S. military and immigrant settlers. In the end, hundreds were dead and thousands more would lose their homes forever. On December 26, 1862, 38 Dakota men were hung in Mankato, Minnesota, by order of President Abraham Lincoln. This remains the largest mass execution in United States history. The bloodshed of 1862 and its aftermath left deep wounds that have yet to heal. What happened 150 years ago continues to matter today.

Commemorating Controversy: The Dakota–U.S. War of 1862—an exhibition of 12 panels exploring the causes, voices, events, and long-lasting consequences of the conflict—was produced by students at Gustavus Adolphus College, in conjunction with the Nicollet County Historical Society. The project was funded by Gustavus Adolphus College, the Nicollet County Historical Society, the Minnesota Humanities Center, the Minnesota Historical Society, and the people of Minnesota through a grant supported by an appropriation to the Minnesota Historical Society from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

See the panels in PDF form here.

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Jerry Base Layers

Jerry Thermal

Yep, even Jerry Garcia is getting into the outdoor game. Sorta:

Made with a so-soft cotton-polyester blend and micro-waffle texture for uncompromised comfort, this classic Alternative Apparel thermal crew embroidered with Stanley Mouse’s iconic Cats Under The Stars design is an essential layering piece.

MP3: Jerry Garcia Band – Rubin and Cherise

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The Sound of Mushrooms


THIS is just wonderful.

 MP3: Pearl Jam – Around The Bend

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Skier’s Alphabet

Skier's Alphabet

Another great one from Mr. Wasa Industries.


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