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Collective Quarterly

Our buddy Max Wastler went down to one of our favorite places in the country, Southwest Tay-Ha, to shoot and experience the Trans Pecos for the first issue of The Collective Quarterly. Today marks the day that said magazine is available for the public’s viewing pleasure, so go on over to APO and find out a bit more than I can tell you here. Looks beautiful.

Today marks the launch of The Collective Quarterly, a travel magazine told from the perspective of a group of creative individuals brought together to collaborate with one another. Each issue focuses on a single locale: its people, places, and things. For those who have traveled to the place in question, the hope is that fresh surroundings will stoke the creative fire, infusing their work with elements of their discoveries while on the trip. For the locals featured, the hope is chiefly to be inspired by them, and secondarily, humbly, in their meeting this motley crew of writers, artists, artisans, and photographers, it may trigger in them a desire to further explore the potentials within their own craft. Pouring together this unique combination, reading about how it has come together in the pages of the publication, we think readers will aspire to more deeply explore their own passions.


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