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Pete Seeger

We’ll miss you, Pete Seeger.

(From the New Yorker. One of our favorite stories. Ever.)

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Outdoor Retailer


It’s that time of year again, folks. Are you in Salt Lake City? Get at me.

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Jack London Anime



Recently dug up Jack London’s classic Call of the Wild as interpreted by Japan’s Toei Animation (1981).

Weird smooth jazz over glitchy animation, with the wisdom of your grandfather’s father. Find it on VHS in some dusty, northwoods thriftstore and watch it in a yurt during a polar vortex.

Or, watch it on YouTube now.

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The Collective Quarterly

Collective Quarterly

Our buddy Max Wastler went down to one of our favorite places in the country, Southwest Tay-Ha, to shoot and experience the Trans Pecos for the first issue of The Collective Quarterly. Today marks the day that said magazine is available for the public’s viewing pleasure, so go on over to APO and find out a bit more than I can tell you here. Looks beautiful.

Today marks the launch of The Collective Quarterly, a travel magazine told from the perspective of a group of creative individuals brought together to collaborate with one another. Each issue focuses on a single locale: its people, places, and things. For those who have traveled to the place in question, the hope is that fresh surroundings will stoke the creative fire, infusing their work with elements of their discoveries while on the trip. For the locals featured, the hope is chiefly to be inspired by them, and secondarily, humbly, in their meeting this motley crew of writers, artists, artisans, and photographers, it may trigger in them a desire to further explore the potentials within their own craft. Pouring together this unique combination, reading about how it has come together in the pages of the publication, we think readers will aspire to more deeply explore their own passions.

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Garden and Gun

Everglades Cold Splinters

As if there wasn’t enough Cold Splinters/Mikael Kennedy adventure in these parts, you can now read about our late winter trip to the Everglades over at Garden and Gun. It’s in the December issue if you get the print version!

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Trail Mix XVI

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Trail Mix up in these parts. The 16th (!) installment is from Fletcher Tucker, a friend in Big Sur, who amongst other things, runs a fabulous record label called Gnome Life and records under the name Bird By Snow. A little word from Fletcher about the music he chose:

Here we have a mind-expansion-mix, unfettered by any fence of genre, or aesthetic boundary either natural or manmade. It is a trail mix for the PCT or the spirit trail, equally good for the psychic hiker, or those who leave an actual boot-print. Feel free to explore these songs as you would a landscape. Some may prefer the sunnier peaks, while others the shady wood, while still others traverse the entire terrain (bright or shadowy) with wonder-filled senses. Consider this (and indeed all) music as you would nature. Creativity is, after all, a wilderness – parenially mysterious, essential uncharted, forever expanding.

Whether you’re out west in sunny California, in the middle of extreme midwest freeze, or under piles of snow out east, download this, stay warm and enjoy the weekend. Sure doesn’t feel like a weekend, but we’ll make do. Thanks for everything, Fletcher (and Noel).

Download: Gnome Life Present Trail Mix XVI: Wilderness of The Mind

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Tuckerman Avalanche


Lucky Guys:

MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H. (AP) — Two hikers who triggered an avalanche on Mount Washington that carried them 800 feet over rocks, cliffs and ice were rescued early Sunday morning and treated for injuries that were not considered life-threatening, officials said.

The duo were separated from a pair of fellow hikers and missed a turn on a trail because of low visibility and unknowingly entered an avalanche area known as “the Lip,” triggering the avalanche that carried them to the bottom of Tuckerman Ravine, said U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman Colleen Mainville.

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