Woolpower XI

Mikael Kennedy and I spent a week in November field testing Woolpower baselayers as we camped our way up the California coast.

Pt. 4: Mendocino County, CA


Mendocino County might be filled with wineries, bad art and atrocious marijuana paraphernalia, but beyond all of that idiocy, there’s jaw-dropping coastline, redwoods for miles and some of the best hikes in California.

After a night of camping at Navarro River Redwoods State Park, we headed back to ocean views on Highway 1, spending a few hours on the beach in Mendocino, then hiking in the surrounding hills. We were waiting for a friend from SF to meet us at a yurt in Navarro that we would call home for the next night. We met her around 3, just as the temperature was starting to drop on the redwood-covered property. It was cold that night, but the outdoor hot tub, wool garments and wine kept us warm as we fell asleep around 10pm. (See what I did there?)

The next morning, the three of us took a long, windy drive back towards San Francisco, stopping frequently to take in the views and shake our heads. It might seem cliche at this point to “DRIVE DOWN 1,” but holy hell…It’s always better by the ocean.

Photos by Mikael Kennedy


About Woolpower:

Ullfrotté Original is the material developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund in the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military, scientists, doctors and survival experts. The textile is highly wear resistant and consists of fine Merino wool, polyamide/polyester and air.

The material is knit so that one side is smooth, and the other has terry loops. The lofty terry loops, in combination with the crimp in the wool fibers, creates a knitwear capable of trapping a lot of air. Up to 80% of the material actually consists of air, which means that the material has an excellent capacity to trap body heat. The more air you can keep still around the body, the more heat you can retain.

The company employs about 70 people and the entire production is in Östersund, in the northern part of Sweden. Approximately 80% of the sales are exported to about 25 countries all over the world.

Woolpower X





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