Mikael Kennedy + Hobo King

Mikael Kennedy Hobo King

There have been no shortage of Mikael Kennedy posts in these parts over the last few years, so you by now that Mikael and I travel here and there together, working and not working, hiking and relaxing, eating and drinking, talking and scheming. While only a few of the polaroids in Mikael’s new book, Hobo King, are accounts of those trips, it’s just as near and dear to us and we couldn’t be happier that it’s finally out. Go over to Mikael’s website, order a copy and keep it close:

I saw him once. I was tearing down that 101,
alone, as the rain pounded the road.
banks of fog crashing against the coast.
could’ve been anywhere between Crescent City and Halfmoon Bay.
he stood on the guard rail, shrouded by the water on my windshield, spread his arms wide, seeming to grow taller than the trees,
the wind driving against the dark wings of his poncho, silently
he stood there not moving, not putting his thumb out,
he wasn’t looking for a ride, he was saying keep going.

“somewhere out there’s the hobo king,
banging on the rail with a ring.”


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