Lonely Are The Brave

Lonely Are The Brave Brave Cowboy

Ed Abbey is a real hero in these parts and though we prefer the Desert Solitaires and Abbey’s Road, his fiction works are just as good. The Brave Cowboy, published in 1956, is one of Cactus Ed’s best. Get your hand on a copy.

This book is the story of a cowboy (Jack Burns), who lives as a transient worker and roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of old did, and refuses to join modern society. He rejects much of modern technology, prefers to cut down any fence he comes across, will not carry any kind of modern identification such as a driver’s license orSocial Security card, and refuses to register for the draft. When his friend Paul Bondi, who is a philosophical anarchist, is jailed for refusing to register for the draft, Burns deliberately gets himself arrested in an attempt tobreak his friend out of jail, but winds up on the run from the law himself.

The book was turned into a movie called “The Brave Cowboy” that starred Kirk Douglas, who called it his personal favorite movie. It’s a hell of a film and you can watch it in full WATCH IT IN FULL HERE. Perfect for a lazy summer night.


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  1. Seth July 11, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    Both on my fave lists as well. Nice find.

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