Greenpeace Japan

Greenpeace Japan

From Greenpeace Japan’s Flickr:

In the 1990’s a new environmental problem emerged – a hole in the Ozone layer of the earth’s atmospheres. This is the layer that protects us from the worst of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

It was evident that the cause of this hole was man-made pollution, from industrial processes using destructive chemicals and refrigerants. Protecting the ozone layer became a major Greenpeace campaign.

The ‘ICI makes holes in the sky’ is a slogan from Greenpeace UK in the mid-1980’s. The UK office campaigned against the use of chemical CFCs in refrigeration, which were a major cause of the problem. The Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was at that time a major UK Chemical company making CFCs.

We ran a full-page newspaper advertisement in the Daily Telegraph and London Times with the same design of the T-Shirt. It caused huge reaction from ICI, which began working to change its practices.

Greenpeace later developed a solution - Greenfreeze refrigeration technology - which used alternatives to ozone-damaging CFCs. Major companies now use the technology in goods sold throughout many countries.


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