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Land of Enchantment

New Mexico Flag

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Cold Splinters is off to do a little camping in southern New Mexico before heading up to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer. We’ll see you soon, either in these parts or up in Utah. Enjoy it out there.

MP3: Steve Gunn – Water Wheel

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Fire LookOut Project

Firetower 2

Firetower 3

Firetower 1

Great set of photos from Filson Life:

Kyle Johnson is a 29 year old editorial and commercial photographer hailing from the Pacific Northwest. He strives to create images that are intriguing and classically executed. Kyle’s aesthetic pairs textured natural settings with a distinct photographic perspective. This project is an exploration of the 92 lookout towers that remain standing in Washington State. Shot entirely with medium format film, Kyle has set out to capture the experience of hiking to these lingering giants, as well as documenting the scenic views and people he meets along the way.

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Bug Juice

bug juice

We talk about camp a lot on this rag, and after a conversation around the fire that turned down memory lane last weekend, we were reminded of one our favorite shows growing up, Bug Juice. It’s a reality show about teenagers at a summer camp in Maine. It’s stupid as can be, but hell, it’s just wonderful. CS had a major crush on Stephanie.

Watch Bug Juice in full here and keep an eye out for devil sticks

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Greenpeace Japan

Greenpeace Japan

From Greenpeace Japan’s Flickr:

In the 1990’s a new environmental problem emerged – a hole in the Ozone layer of the earth’s atmospheres. This is the layer that protects us from the worst of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

It was evident that the cause of this hole was man-made pollution, from industrial processes using destructive chemicals and refrigerants. Protecting the ozone layer became a major Greenpeace campaign.

The ‘ICI makes holes in the sky’ is a slogan from Greenpeace UK in the mid-1980’s. The UK office campaigned against the use of chemical CFCs in refrigeration, which were a major cause of the problem. The Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was at that time a major UK Chemical company making CFCs.

We ran a full-page newspaper advertisement in the Daily Telegraph and London Times with the same design of the T-Shirt. It caused huge reaction from ICI, which began working to change its practices.

Greenpeace later developed a solution - Greenfreeze refrigeration technology - which used alternatives to ozone-damaging CFCs. Major companies now use the technology in goods sold throughout many countries.

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Have A Good Weekend

BedRock Sandals

Get out there. Enjoy it. Run with your Bedrocks on.

Youtube: Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The Rest 

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off belay

Off Belay? Yes fucking please. Get your back issues here.

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Life On The Trail

juniper ridge

Thanks to Mr. Coyote and Thunder, Obi Kauffman, for posting this photo on the Juniper Ridge Instagram of the Cold Splinters x Topo Designs shirt. Love it. #LifeOnTheTrail

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Lonely Are The Brave

Lonely Are The Brave Brave Cowboy

Ed Abbey is a real hero in these parts and though we prefer the Desert Solitaires and Abbey’s Road, his fiction works are just as good. The Brave Cowboy, published in 1956, is one of Cactus Ed’s best. Get your hand on a copy.

This book is the story of a cowboy (Jack Burns), who lives as a transient worker and roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of old did, and refuses to join modern society. He rejects much of modern technology, prefers to cut down any fence he comes across, will not carry any kind of modern identification such as a driver’s license orSocial Security card, and refuses to register for the draft. When his friend Paul Bondi, who is a philosophical anarchist, is jailed for refusing to register for the draft, Burns deliberately gets himself arrested in an attempt tobreak his friend out of jail, but winds up on the run from the law himself.

The book was turned into a movie called “The Brave Cowboy” that starred Kirk Douglas, who called it his personal favorite movie. It’s a hell of a film and you can watch it in full WATCH IT IN FULL HERE. Perfect for a lazy summer night.

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Happy 4th of July

Maine Steal Your Face

4th of July

Guys and Gals and everyone else out there,

Cold Splinters is off to Maine today for Independence Day. Fun in the sun and on the trail. Wave that flag. Be safe. It’s SUMMER.

Youtube: Grateful Dead – U.S. Blues 

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