Baked Is The New Fried


While seeing a new baby cousin yesterday afternoon, we started talking about the Grand Canyon and a family friend’s recent trip there back in April. They had a great time, and while they knew it was nothing to complain about in the scheme of THE GRAND CANYON, they did mention how bad the food was. And while surfing around the ol’ interwebs today, I find out that the NPS is taking a little initiative to make their food a little bit…better.

I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal at NPS concession, but I’m sure that the food is pretty bad. Though I would imagine that a teenager who was hired for the summer thinking he was going to drop some fries in a basket all day wouldn’t be too psyched to find out he now has to make this shit:

To usher in the new Park Service food initiative, the White House sent over Sam Kass of the Let’s Move campaign, who noshed on almond-crusted baked chicken with a fennel salad.

“You know, baked is the new fried, so that looks delicious,” he told the chef.

Excuse my language NPS, but Sam Kass, you’re an asshole.


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One Response to Baked Is The New Fried

  1. jimmy&johnny June 13, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    I’m sure the chef was impressed with Mr. Kass’ food acumen. Plenty of good concession-made food out there in the NPS units. The chili at the El Tovar (GRCA) is classic, the green chile burger at Bandelier ($4.50!) is a winner, and fine dining with a view does not come better then the Jenny Lake Lodge (GRTE). Seriously:

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