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Campground Cooking

Campground Cooking II  copy

Campground Cooking copy

Campground Cooking III  copy

We’ve briefly posted about Campground Cooking before, but we sat down with the book over the weekend and forgot just how wonderful this thing really is. Thanks for posting the whole thing, Old Chum. Buy the last few over at Abe Books.

MP3: Squeeze – Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

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Have A Good Weekend

Fishook Cactus

See you Monday, ok?

MP3: Graham Parker – Between Me And You

MP3: Bonnie Raitt – Love Me Like A Man

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Cold Splinters + Cool Material

Cool Material tapped Cold Splinters for its “Wear This” feature and we happily obliged. Check it out here.

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SealLine Black Canyon Bags

Seal Line

Cold Splinters got back late last week from an amazing paddling excursion down to Everglades National Park with our friend, partner-in-crime and frequent collaborator, Mikael Kennedy. (That article will be out this fall.) It was a real time down there in Florida, but we couldn’t have done it without these SealLine Black Canyon Bags. Sure, dry bags would have sufficed, but if you’ve got to get on a plane to get to the water, these are going to be your huckleberries.

Enjoy all your canoe/kayaking adventures this spring and summer, folks. And don’t forget the coolers, ice and wine.

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125 Years of NH Huts


If you live out east and you’re reading this, that means you’ve probably been up camping in the White Mountains. And whether or not you’ve stayed in one of the huts up there, you’ve most likely came upon one while hiking in the backcountry. 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the AMC structures, so get out your glasses and do a little reading:

The Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountain Hut system, the oldest hut-to-hut hiking network in the U.S., celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2013. Located in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, these eight “off-the-grid” mountain destinations are fashioned after huts in the Alps and each spaced a day’s hike apart along a 56-mile-long stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

AMC’s Hut network dates back to 1888, when the first mountain hut for hikers in the U.S. was built. Today, hut crews serve up home-cooked meals and offer naturalist programs to guests, ranging from 36 to 90 hikers depending on the hut. Lower elevation huts are accessible to beginner hikers and families, while above-treeline alpine huts offer stunning vistas and challenging experiences for seasoned hikers.

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Everglades Bound



Everglades2  Everglades4

Cold Splinters and Mikael Kennedy are off to Everglades National Park for a few days to write a story for one of our favorite magazines. We couldn’t be more excited, but we’ve got a lot of prep and work to do before we leave, so this rag is going dark for a hot second. Take it out easy out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. AND this one from  one of Florida’s finest…

MP3: Tom Petty – Hometown Blues

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In 1985, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Monkey Wrench Gang, Dream Garden Press founder, Ken Sanders (who we interviewed on CS a few years back), suggested that R. Crumb illustrate a special edition of the Edward Abbey classic. You can only buy the Crumb version here (along with t-shirts), so if you don’t have a copy, get up on it.

**Keep your eyes peeled for the Abbey/Crumb calendar on eBay. It’s a real humdinger.

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 MP3: Miguel – Do You…

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Cold Splinters gives Filson our Top 5 Spring Destinations. Read it here.

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