Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell

Obama has tapped Sally Jewell, CEO and President of REI, to take over the Department of the Interior from the outgoing Ken Salazar. (The DOI oversees much of America’s public lands through the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and other agencies.) Jewell, who is 57 years young, has grown the company’s sales from $900 million to $2 billion since taking over  the stewardship of REI in 2005. More info over at Adventure Journal:

She grew up sailing and camping and spent five weeks climbing in Antarctica. She’s won numerous awards for conservation and environmental work, including the 2009 Rachel Carson Award for environmental conservation from the Audubon Society, a track record that is sure to be touted by opponents. But prior to joining REI, Jewell worked in the banking industry for 20 years and before that she worked as an engineer for Mobil Oil, experience that should blunt criticism.

That is just…well….awesome.


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One Response to Sally Jewell

  1. a_botanist February 7, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    Well, she certainly has outdoorsyness covered. I am cautiously optimistic about Ms. Jewell’s appointment. I hope she can bring some new priorities to a Department which seems to have in recent years done two things well: propose new parks and monuments and wring their hands over energy development. The push and pull over energy extraction and conservation has sucked the air out of the Interior room, leaving folks at the BIA, FWS, USGS and BOR standing in the shadows. Hopefully there will be some renewed focus on the health of our public lands in the face of a changing climate and all the agencies will get to take part. But, if a new Park unit is in the offing, allow me nominate Valles Caldera (but keep the hunting and grazing please).

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