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Snow Peak Store

Snow Peak

If you live in the Portland, OR area – and I know that some of you do – you should be happy to know that Snow Peak, one of our favorites around these parts, is scheduled to open their first store tomorrow, March 1st. Spring Fever ensues.

The shop is located at 410 NW 14th Avenue. Have at it.

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DeLorme Gazetteer

DeLorme Gazetteer  copy copy

As March approaches and road trips are being planned, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about investing in a DeLorme Gazetteer. Some of the best maps around, they include all of this great stuff:

  • Back roads, dirt roads and trails
  • Elevation contours
  • Remote lakes and streams
  • Boat Ramps
  • Public lands for recreation
  • Land use / land cover – forests, wetlands
  • Trailheads
  • Campgrounds
  • Prime hunting and fishing spots

Safe travels, y’all. Don’t get lost.

MP3: The Beat – U.S.A.

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Journey To Ixtlan

Journey To Ixtlan

Journey To Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan, published in 1971, is  Carlos Castaneda’s third book about his apprenticeship with the Yaqui shaman, don Juan.  I’m just a quarter of the way in (thank you Dominic for the recommendation) but it’s already a real humdinger. Are y’all hip to this book? Or his first two, The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality? 

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Have A Good Weekend


Stay warm and enjoy the extra day out there, folks. See you soon.

MP3: Lightning Dust – I Knew

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Cream Of The West

Cream Of The West

Can’t get much better packaging than Cream Of The West, a Montana “staple” since 1914. Not a bad name either…

MP3: David Ackles – Montana Song

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A few of us headed out to the Appalachian Trail this weekend for a little lean-to camping in the wake of Nemo. Despite the White Blaze never jiving too well with snow on trees, it was an absolutely beautiful hike. Hope y’all enjoyed it out there too, wherever in the world you was/is. Follow CS on Instagram.

MP3: Grouper – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping

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Worn Wear

Worn Wear

I’m sure most of your are hip to Patagonia’s new Worn Wear site, but if you’re not, get on over there today and start diving in. There’s not too much up  yet, but even in its early stages, you know it’s gonna be a hell of a time in the months (years?) to come. Thanks for the picture above, Nick Yardly of Yorkshire:

Dear Patagonia,

In December of 1986, I left the dark, dripping, wet landscape of my native Yorkshire, England and arrived wide eyed in New England. I had two backpacks and $500 in my pocket and couldn’t have been happier.

I worked at a climbing school that had its office at the back of IME, THE climbing store in North Conway, NH and a Patagonia dealer. Everyday as I walked into the store my eyes fell on a Patagonia Snap-T fleece jacket. To me it stood out as a prime example of this brave new world I had arrived in. I purchased it with my very first paycheck in the USA ― I was sleeping on a mattress and barely had a couple of dollars to my name.  That jacket was my constant companion for 7 years. Here it is living every Brit climber’s dream, road tripping across the country and sleeping in the desert. Oh, the car cost $450 ― my second purchase in the states.


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Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell

Obama has tapped Sally Jewell, CEO and President of REI, to take over the Department of the Interior from the outgoing Ken Salazar. (The DOI oversees much of America’s public lands through the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and other agencies.) Jewell, who is 57 years young, has grown the company’s sales from $900 million to $2 billion since taking over  the stewardship of REI in 2005. More info over at Adventure Journal:

She grew up sailing and camping and spent five weeks climbing in Antarctica. She’s won numerous awards for conservation and environmental work, including the 2009 Rachel Carson Award for environmental conservation from the Audubon Society, a track record that is sure to be touted by opponents. But prior to joining REI, Jewell worked in the banking industry for 20 years and before that she worked as an engineer for Mobil Oil, experience that should blunt criticism.

That is just…well….awesome.

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Arch Canyon Trail

Arch Canyon Trail

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Southwest Adventure. Winter. 2012. Topo Designs. Photo by Tom Bonamici.

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Back Home Again

john denver

From Clint to John Denver. Cause why not? Start the week off…soft.

MP3: John Denver – Back Home Again

MP3: John Denver – It’s Up To You

MP3: John Denver – Cool An’ Green An’ Shady

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