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Cold Splinters is heading to the southwest section of these United of States for Christmas, so there might be some crickets around these parts for the next week or so. Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in 2013. It’s gonna be a real good one.


I’ll meet you in the Organ Pipes
All alone on a winter’s night
You’ll say, “Come Home.”
I’ll stay.
You won’t.

MP3: Steve Earle – Goodbye’s All We’ve Got Left

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FairEnds And Upstate

FairEnds. Upstate. Both are Trail Mix alumni. They made a hat together. Need I say more?

MP3: Heron – Madman

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The Western National Parks Association has published some pretty wonderful books since it was founded in 1938. (Back then they were called the Southwest Monuments Association.) They now operate bookstores at 66 NPS sites throughout the western United States with a flagship/headquarters in Tucson. I’ve found and bought a bunch of these while traveling these last few years - Flowers of the Southwest Mesas, Flowers of the Southwest Deserts, 70 Common Cacti, 100 Roadside Flowers  – and they’re pretty darn easy on the eyes. You can see more old covers at the NPS’ website here and you can order books, patches and a whole lotta Prickly Pear Cactus Candy directly from the WNPA here.

Thanks WNPA.

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Kelso Dunes

Kelso Dunes is the largest field of eolian sand deposits in the Mojave Desert, covering 45 square miles. The tallest dunes rise up to 650 feet above the surround terrain. The region is protected by the Mojave National Preserve and is located near the town of Baker, California.

The Kelso Dunes are also notable for the phenomenon known as singing sand, or “booming dunes.” Enthusiasts typically climb to the top of the dunes and slide down slowly, generating a low-frequency rumble that can be both felt and heard. This effect has also been noted at the Eureka Dunes in California, Sand Mountain in Nevada, and the Booming Dunes in the Namib Desert, Africa.

See you soon, sand.

MP3: Linda Perhacs – Sandy Toes

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Juana Maria

If you’re like me, you probably read Scott O’Dell’s 1960 novel,  Island of the Blue Dolphins, when you were in grade school. It’s the story of a Karana, a young girl who is stranded for years on an island off the California coast. The story is based on the life of Juana Maria, a Nicoleño Indian left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island in the 19th century. It was believed that she lived in a cave on the island, and just a few months ago, a Naval archeologist believes he found the cave after 20 years of searching. Read more about that here.

Go to your local thrift store, pick up a copy and spend a quiet afternoon reading this thing. It’s quite the gem. Then come on back to CS and watch the movie after the jump…

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Grateful Dead Fan Art

Thank you to our friends at SF’s Gravel and Gold for emailing us a link to the Grateful Dead Archive’s Fan Art. There are endless things to click through, so go get lost for a couple of hours.

(And if you like The Dead and Dogfish Head, then head here and pick the final ingredient to their collaborative beer, American Beauty.)

MP3: Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet

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To The Desert

Cold Splinters is headed to the southeast in a few weeks, flying into Tucson, AZ and spending a week or so camping en route to sunny Los Angeles, CA. If anyone out there has some secret spots and recommendations, please do let us know.

Organ Pipes again? Check.

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