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Trail Mix Vol. XIV

This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by Ben Ferencz of the Montana-based FairEnds. It’s been a real time watching Ben and Martin’s company grow over the last few years. And it’s easy to see : I’ve spotted their Camp Caps in just about every city I’ve visited in 2012. Even in the middle of nowhere Southwest Texas.

Ben is just about as sweet as they come and he’s always good for a random afternoon email with a link to something Grateful Dead-ish. Thanks, Ben.

Download: FairEnds For Cold Splinters – Trail Mix Volume XIV

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This record has not stopped spinning in the Cold Splinters office these last few days. Lo-Fi Gypsy Campfire Dirges from San Francisco. Just in time for the storm that’s supposedly heading this way. Do yourself a favor and buy it here.

MP3: Jessica Pratt – Half Twain the Jesse

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According to the movie’s website, Wrenched is about “HOW EDWARD ABBEY LIT THE FLAME OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM AND GAVE THE MOVEMENT ITS SOUL.” I gotta say, after watching the trailer above, this looks sort of wonderful. They’re over 30K dollars away from their fundraising goal, and though I usually don’t post links for such things, any movie dedicated to all things Edward Abbey is worth taking out your wallet for. Donate here.

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Bill Walton

Sports Illustrated posted a whole slew of unreleased Bill Walton pics from yesteryear. One of the best slideshows I’ve seen in a long while. What a goddamn look. Grateful Dead shirt and hat. Bold, Walton. Bold.

See the rest here.

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It’s getting to be Down Bootie season out east, and though I find myself wearing these around the apartment more than I do at a campsite, they really are good for both. Weighing next to nada, there are several brands that make these ugly things. Clockwise from top left: Sierra Designs, Western Mountaineering (that’s what I’ve got), REI, and Feathered Friends.

Anyone have an opinion about these thangs? Other than the fact that they’d sell better/be more acceptable if they weren’t called “booties?”

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