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Smokey Branch Chore Coat

It’s been many years since I first purchased the Hickory Striped Pointer Chore Coat, and while it might not be the most “technical” coat to put in your pack, it still finds its way into mine more often than not.

For the past few weeks, the hickory’s been replaced by the Buckshot Sonny’s version of the classic (Thanks, Max), and while it’s no lighter or warmer than the blue and white stripe version, it is camouflage, which just makes a little more sense when you’re out and about on the AT. Sorta.

Pick one up here. They’re as handsome as you want them to be. Promise.

MP3: Loudon Wainwright – I Am the Way (New York Town) [Live]

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John Wayne: A Love Song

In 1965, Joan Didion went to visit John Wayne and the cast of The Sons of Katie Elder while they were shooting down in Mexico City. Later that year,  “John Wayne: A Love Song,” was published in the Saturday Evening Post:

…there with the pepper trees and the bright sun outside, they could still, for just so long as the picture lasted, maintain a world peculiar to men who like to make Westerns, a world of loyalties and fond raillery, of sentiment and shared cigars, of interminable desultory recollections; campfire talk, its only point to keep a human voice raised against the night, the wind, the rustlings in the brush.

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