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Thanks to the ladies of San Francisco’s Gravel and Gold for hipping me to this album. Recorded in the mid 70s by weirdo electronic musician Mort Garson (who also did the backing music to Richard Burton’s interpretation of The Little Prince), this was given out with the purchase of a Simmon’s mattress at Sears in 1976, and as a bonus, came with extensive instructions on plant care. Track names include “Symphony For A Spider Plant,” “Ode to An African Violet,” and “Mellow Mood For Maidenhair.” Perfect.

MP3: Mort Garson – Plantasia

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Chocolate Nut Butter

As mentioned previously, I spent a few nights on the JMT last week with friends from Juniper Ridge and beyond. Because I was in a foreign land, I made a stop at the Whole Foods in Oakland before we headed out to Yosemite and made it a point to buy only things that I’d never eaten on the trail. Of course I always eat loads of nut butter (everyone told me to stop calling it that), but surprisingly enough, I’d never bought these little packets of Justin’s. Game changer. Anyone? Yes, probably everyone. Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Almond literally taste like brownie mix. And they’re vegan too, if that may matter to ya. Score.

Have the goddamn weekend of your lives, alright?

MP3: Angel Olsen – The Waiting

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For Jeff

Apologies for the last week of crickets. Cold Splinters was out on the John Muir Trail for a couple of nights (more on that to come) with some lovely new and old friends. At the end of our trip, we shacked up at cabins in Inyo National Forest (more on that to come too) and while building a fire the first night, we found an old book of cowboy poetry with this humdinger, “For Jeff.” Perfect. Here’s the beginning:

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