Mikael Kennedy in NZ

While Cold Splinters jetted off to California for six weeks this last month, our partner-in-crime, photographer Mikael Kennedy, was out at the edge of the world in New Zealand taking photographs for Burton. Until Labor Day-ish, we hadn’t seen Mikael for some time, so it’s exciting to be able to share some of his photos from his time down under. For your viewing pleasure and ours. From the man himself:

I tattooed a world map on my wrist last year, right before I headed out to cross the United States for for an adventure called Ramblers Bone. I told myself after that run that I was gonna start looking beyond our borders for my next adventure. I was ready for something new.

Later that spring, Burton Snowboards called and asked if I’d like to travel to New Zealand with them to photograph their team and winter collection for 2014. I stopped and stared at my tattoo for second in disbelief, and next thing I know, I’m strapped in, shooting out the open door of a white Eurovan called ‘the pale horse’ as we tore down the switchbacks through the mountain chasing the light. New Zealand is another world, this is just a glimpse.

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