Bigfoot Museum

God only knows what’s going to come up in conversation when you’re hiking 15 or so miles a day, and one of the topics that kept popping up on a recent adventure was Bigfoot. For those of you living in the PNW, I’d imagine this comes up a lot more than on the Appalachian Trail, so it was good to listen to all the good stories that my friends from Portland have come up with over the years.

“What would happen if he was found?”
- It’d crush the logging industry. Everything would be shut down.

“Is he real?”
- What do you mean? Of course..

“Why haven’t you been to the museum in Felton, CA before?”
- There’s a museum? Where is Felton?

Not sure if I believe in the big guy, BUT, if you want an interesting take on the history of the Yeti in Tibetan culture, read Matthiessen’s Snow Leopard. One of our favorites in these parts.

MP3: Ted Lucas – Now That I Know


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  1. Morgan October 13, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Speaking of Big Foot, if you ever find yourself up in Portland, Maine the International Cryptozoology museum is a must.

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