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PB and P

A few months back, Christine Mitchell sent out an email asking people to contribute recipes that she would illustrate for her wonderful site, N’East Style. I must have been excited about it at the time as I was the first the respond. Works for me.

See the Cold Splinters Peanut Butter and Pasta recipe over at NES. Hope y’all had a great weekend.

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Have a Good Weekend

Take it easy out there. Don’t break any ribs.

MP3: King Tuff – Anthem

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Chicago Camping

From the Chicago Journal:

Chicago kids hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to go camping won’t have to go as far soon, the city and park district officials announced Thursday morning.

Northerly Island, the lakefront park in the South Loop formerly known as Meigs Field, will expand its camping program in 2013 as part of the city’s plans to rehab the south end of the peninsula into a nature preserve.

The park district already offers 320 camping spots throughout the year, most of which are at Northerly Island. But under the new plan, an additional 900 camping spots will be added at Northerly Island, 600 for family campers and 300 for 12- to 15-year-olds in the park district’s wilderness camping program.

Some of the new spots will open up in 2013, when the southern end of the park begins to reopen as a nature preserve with multiple habitats; most of them will be in place by 2014.

Interesting view from your tent…

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Matt Davis Trail

The Matt Davis Trail starts (or ends) right before the fire station in Stinson Beach, CA and cuts through open fields of chaparral with views of Stinson Beach, San Francisco and Bolinas. It’s short, but that is one hell of a section of trail. Just about an hour from the city. Not bad, SF.

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Trail Mix Volume XIII

Yes, Trail Mixes usually come on Fridays, but the schedule is a little off around here/there/everywhere these days, so we’re giving it to you today, Monday. Volume XIII comes from Coyote and Thunder, aka Obi Kaufmann, a guy who has taken on a laundry list of roles in Cold Splinters land over these past couple of months; friend, gracious host, camp counselor, artist-in-residence, cousin, drinking buddy, tour guide, botanist and many many more. Obi, artist and former art critic at the East Bay Express, is now curating a show in Oakland called World Saving Device, so if you’re around this Friday night, get your ass over the Bay Bridge.

It’s a soft one, perfect for the drive home as the sun starts going down. Enjoy it. See you on the PCT.

Download: Trail Mix Volume XIII

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Do As You Please

One of the Joys of a Long Hiking Trip in the Desert Is the Chance to Relax and Do as You Please. Here Steve Miller Enjoys a Nap in the Sunshine and Crystal Air of the Maze, a Wild and Beautiful Region in the Heart of the Canyonlands Where Steve and His Group Are Backpacking, 05/1972


MP3: The Range of Light Wilderness – Into the Abyss

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by Bryce Cowell

Dams serve three primary purposes that are vital to us humans: water supply, agricultural irrigation, and electricity. However, not all dams are created equal. Some no longer serve their original purpose and their environmental impacts are well-documented. So do we really need all of these dams? And which ones are appropriate for Hayduke, Seldom, Doc and Abbzug to take out?

The Patagonia-sponsored documentary film DamNation attempts to answer these questions from both sides of the debate. Slated to be released in early 2013, this film is the cornerstone of a campaign to restore US waterways to their former untamed glory while taking into consideration the socioeconomic consequences.

Each dam in this country needs to be objectively analyzed on a case-by-case basis to determine if removal is beneficial to the majority. And of course, there are potent political and financial goliaths that are going to try to prevent that from happening, even if the costs outweigh the benefits.

One such controversial dam, the O’Shaughnessy Dam (pictured above) is located within Yosemite National Park. This fall, San Franciscans will vote on whether to keep the damn thing in place or restore Hetch Hetchy, which John Muir referred to as “one of nature’s rarest and most precious mountain temples,” and devise a modern water plan.

**So the question is, which dams do you think should be removed or improved?

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Tent Read

Not a bad choice for a night under the stars. That is, if you’re into this type of thing. It’s the first biography written after Jerry’s death. From Bob Weir’s intro:

Jerry was only fifty-three when he died. I am older than that now, but he looked a lot older then. Was it the drugs that killed him? I think it was the burgers and pizza. The drugs enabled him, but it was the whole lifestyle. The drugs didn’t stop his heart. It was the fat. And the sleep apnea.

Grateful Dead on

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Yuba River State Park

The Yuba River, a tributary of the Feather River in California, is located about 2 hours outside of San Francisco in Sacramento Valley. The main stem of the river is about 40 miles long and its headwaters are split into North, Middle and South forks; the confluence of the former two is considered the beginning of the Yuba.

South Yuba River State Park stretches from Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park to the Bridgeport Covered Bridge, which has the longest clear span of any surviving covered bridge in the world.

CS and friends spent the day swimming and hiking in the park this last weekend, and despite a pretty brutal fall by yours truly that left some cuts and bruises on face, ribs and hand, it was a pretty beautiful (and hot as hell) day.

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Hope everyone has a good time out there. The photo above is courtesy of West America, who are now selling their own camp grills, skewers, utensils and, dare i say, pretty cool t-shirts.

MP3: Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

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