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Survey Markers

Never a bad time to find – or trip over? – one of these old shiny little circles while going wherever it is you’re going.

MP3: Louis Armstrong – Loveless Love

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Heady Topper

Cold Splinters spent the last weekend up near Stowe, VT and head the extreme pleasure of trying Heady Topper for the first time. We don’t usually get too excited about beer, but holy moly, this is the one. Unfortunately you can’t get it here in the New York area, though going back to Vermont ain’t such a bad idea…

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16 East Coast Habitats

When John Davis was finished with his TrekEast journey – which took him 7600 miles from Florida to Canada – he put together a list of 16 key habitats on the East Coast that we need to protect (and the organizations working to protect them). They’re not in order of importance, but #1 on the list is South Florida’s Caloosahatchee Crossing:

The last remaining stronghold of the panther (puma, cougar, mountain lion …) in the East is in South Florida. Dredging of the Caloosahatchee River and development along its banks, together with high road density, is blocking panthers from recolonizing habitat north of the Everglades. A safe wildlife crossing of the Caloosahatchee is urgently needed, along with creation of a large Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and provision of wildlife crossings on major roads, including Interstate 4, which bisects the state from Tampa to Daytona and poses another major obstacle to south-north movement of wildlife.

Read the full list here.

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Richard Brautigan

Maybe not his best. Maybe a little cheesy. But it’s got the word “star” in it, right?

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On the night of July 4th, I drove 30 minutes to a ranch somewhere between Marfa and Fort Davis, TX, all while staring at two West Texas agate bracelets I had made by Paul at Moonlight Gemstones for my friends’ wedding. I was listening to – no, rather blasting – John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” on Marfa Public Radio while eating Ak-Mak from a box on the passenger side seat. That moment, needless to say, has stuck with me for the last couple of days, though I suppose whenever I get back from Texas I have AGATE on my mind. Have a quick read here about where that handsome rock gets its name and how it’s formed.

And that’s all for my recent trip to Texas on this rag. Until next time…

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As previously noted, I spent a couple of days last week in the Trans-Pecos, doing some work and visiting friends in Marfa. There are endless amounts of things that I love about that part of the country, but the one that stays with me after I get back east is the wonderful Marfa Public Radio. There’s loads of great programming on the”Radio For A Wide Range,” but for Cold Splinters, we thought we’d point you towards Nature Notes. Here’s some more info:

Why do rattlesnakes rattle and hummingbirds hum?
How do flowers market themselves to pollinators?
Why do tarantulas cross the road?

Nature Notes investigates questions like these about the natural world of the Chihuahuan Desert region every week on Marfa Public Radio. Through interviews with scientists and field recordings, this Marfa Public Radio original series reveals the secrets of desert life.

Listen to a few episodes here (they’re very short), and learn about that handsome javelina, pictured above.

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Texas etc.

Cold Splinters is back in Texas for a couple of days this week. Greetings from the Chihuahuan.

MP3: Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy

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