Ecstatic Camouflage

The first time we mentioned Daniel Chamberlin here on Cold Splinters, we were referring to “Uncle Skullfucker’s Band,” an article he wrote as an editor at Arthur Magazine. Chamberlin, who now resides in Southwest Texas, is also the creator of the art above, which he calls “Ecstastic Camouflage,” and describes as “explicitly psychedelic post-landscape photography.” Many of the photographs in the series were taken near his home in the Chisos Basin and Davis Mountains. (The photograph on the top is a close up of cactus from Terlingua, TX and sits proudly above my couch as you enter my apartment.) A little bit more from the artist on EC:

“It is a post-landscape photography that explodes anthropocentric notions of perspective by way of repetition and rotation, an organic visual drone. It is an attempt at revealing my communion with the so-called “plant mind” of shamanistic lore.”

Chamberlin is also the host of Inter-Dimensional Music, a fantastic show on Marfa Public Radio that you can listen to every Sunday night. I highly highly recommend it.

MP3: Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son


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