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CS and Woolrich

Over the past couple of weeks, Cold Splinters, with the help of superstar Justin Thomas Kay (who gets an average of two to three messages from me a week asking about a font I found on some old thrift store book), worked with Woolrich to create a series of 12 posters that will be used at the PA-based company’s OR booth. The images will highlight Woolrich’s Spring 2013 collection.

Read more about the collaboration here and see the rest in Salt Lake City this weekend.

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Redwood Bowmen

Over the weekend, I spent a wonderful morning shooting arrows at cougar, turkey and rabbit targets at the Redwood Bowmen Archery Club in Oakland, CA. The course is in the woods, and the club, which has been around since 1939, owns an equally impressive (from the outside, at least) clubhouse adjacent to the practice range. California, I tell you…

MP3: Grateful Dead – Hell In A Bucket

More photos after the jump.

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As I mentioned before, the current issue of Garden and Gun features a story about Big Bend National Park, written by me and photographed by Mikael Kennedy. And since it was impossible to squeeze in all of Mikael’s photos into a five page spread, we’ve decided to post a few more here on Cold Splinters. Enjoy the expanded edition of the story after the jump…

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Have a Good Weekend

As mentioned in the post below, CS will be in San Francisco for a few days (see you Saturday?) before heading off to Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. If you’ll be in either place, like always, hoot and holler at me.

Have an amazing weekend. We all deserved it. And though I’m off to the northern CA and this one’s about the Los Angeles hills, it’ll do just fine…

MP3: Father John Misty – Funtimes in Babylon

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California Etc.

Cold Splinters is headed out to California tomorrow, and for those of you living in the Bay Area, come on down and hang out with me and the wonderful folks from Juniper Ridge this Saturday. We’ll all be one of my favorite stores out west, Gravel and Gold, from 1-5 pm distilling White Fir from a recent JR trip to Carson Pass (a few of Obi’s photos from that trip are after the jump). So if you want to smell better than all of your friends, come on down and watch the magic unfold.

Learn more about Field Lab, Juniper Ridge’s “aromatic snapshots of life on the trail, here.

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The Campster

The latest and greatest of the Cold Splinters column, “The Campster,” on NYTimes’ The Moment is now live. Read about one of my favorite places in New England, The Delaware Water Gap, here.

MP3: The Lemonheads – Big Gay Heart

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Smuttynose Island

Cold Splinters spent last weekend on Smuttynose Island (yes, that Smuttynose) in Maine, located in the Isles Of Shoals, six miles off the coast of New Hampshire. It’s best known for the murders that allegedly took place in 1873, but now it’s a private and very primitive 25 acre home to two structures, The Haley House and Gull Cabin, large amounts of loud, angry gulls and a beautiful trail that stretches the length of the island. The public is welcome to use the island during the day to picnic and hike, but in order to camp overnight, you have to be a member of the Maine Island Trail Association. The only other people on the island are the stewards that live in the Haley House for a week at a time.

When the boats started go home and we were left to our own devices in the middle of the ocean, I tell you. One of the best sunset/star shows I ever saw. Below is a recording of the crazy seagulls on the north side of the island as went for an early morning hike.

MP3: Gulls of Smuttynose Island

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Garden and Gun

Mikael Kennedy and I spent some time down in southwest Texas this last winter, writing and shooting a story about Big Bend National Park for Garden and Gun. The article is featured in the August/September issue of the magazine, so make sure to get your hands on one. (And yes, that’s me in the photo above.)

Check back next week for a bunch of Mikael’s photos that didn’t make it into the story. They’re handsome as can be.

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R.I.P. Cookie Lady

For over 30 years, Jane Curry, also known as the “Cookie Lady,” welcomed bikers into her Afton, VA home to clean up and eat, well, yes, cookies. Curry was 91 years old. From The Hook’s obituary:

“I asked how much for a dozen cookies?” Parker recalls. “She said, ‘Oh, honey, the cookies are free, but you need a bath. Go on up and take a shower,  and then come down for some cookies.”

Cold Splinters wrote about the Cookie Lady back in January, so if you happened to miss it, click here for more info. She was a pretty amazing woman.

MP3: múm – Slow Bicycle

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Ecstatic Camouflage

The first time we mentioned Daniel Chamberlin here on Cold Splinters, we were referring to “Uncle Skullfucker’s Band,” an article he wrote as an editor at Arthur Magazine. Chamberlin, who now resides in Southwest Texas, is also the creator of the art above, which he calls “Ecstastic Camouflage,” and describes as “explicitly psychedelic post-landscape photography.” Many of the photographs in the series were taken near his home in the Chisos Basin and Davis Mountains. (The photograph on the top is a close up of cactus from Terlingua, TX and sits proudly above my couch as you enter my apartment.) A little bit more from the artist on EC:

“It is a post-landscape photography that explodes anthropocentric notions of perspective by way of repetition and rotation, an organic visual drone. It is an attempt at revealing my communion with the so-called “plant mind” of shamanistic lore.”

Chamberlin is also the host of Inter-Dimensional Music, a fantastic show on Marfa Public Radio that you can listen to every Sunday night. I highly highly recommend it.

MP3: Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son

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